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March 21, 2017

How mobile can help your small business grow – on the go

Did you know more than half of Canadian small businesses today are using mobile technologies to keep their company running? According to one 2014 study on the Small Business Landscape in Canada, 55% of owners are running their business from a Smartphone and 20% from a tablet.

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March 20, 2017

Family Values has a Whole New Meaning in Small Business

Owning a small business usually means taking on more risk than being an employee for someone else.

Small business owners are keenly aware of this risk. When thinking and planning for the future, they typically get advice from an accountant and/or a lawyer. While getting this advice is great, it’s generally focused on the business owner rather than the business.

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March 17, 2017

Why Your Business Isn’t Worth As Much As You Think It Is

The #1 reason why businesses do not sell is over-valued asking prices. Being able to justify your valuation is extremely crucial, especially when you are looking to sell your business.

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March 1, 2017

Employee Engagement Matters in Small Business Too

A Deloitte survey of Canadian business and human resources (HR) leaders indicated that culture and engagement was a top concern1. Do your employees share the same company values? Do they want to come to work? Do they know how they contribute to your business objectives?

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February 27, 2017Canada Audit

5 Audit Issues to Stay Clear of in Canadian Payroll

Let me start by saying, a list of 5 items doesn’t nearly cover enough to help employers stay clear of an audit from the Canada Revenue Agency. I wouldn’t be doing my 30+ years of teaching seminars and courses justice if I didn’t warn readers that a blog does not replace professional development courses, certification or otherwise. That being said, lists make very readable blogs (disclaimer: this is my first blog!) so here are 5 audit issues to keep on your radar:

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