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Ceridian payroll solutions enable you to efficiently and effectively process your payroll

Powerpay is a leading, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) payroll processing solution that ensures your employees are paid accurately and on time. Our experienced team is ready to help you stay compliant and address the challenges of HR and payroll processing.

Ease the hassle and worry of payroll in three easy steps:

  1. Securely enter payroll data online, even using your mobile device.
  2. Preview payroll to check any errors automatically identified by Powerpay.
  3. Submit payroll for processing and we'll handle payroll and government remittances.

With an intuitive interface, Powerpay enables you to quickly and easily handle:

  • Year-end processing & tax form production
  • Records of Employment (ROE) generation
  • Statutory & non-statutory deductions
  • Garnishee processing
  • Data exchange to automatically send employee data to several recognized insurance and investment programs

The Powerpay mobile app allows you to conveniently process your payroll from any place at any time.

When your business grows or your payroll needs increase, Powerpay effortlessly scales up to Powerpay Plus.

Powerpay Plus has all the features and benefits of Powerpay, with additional functionality for your growing business.

If your organization is mid-sized or simply has more complex payroll administration needs, such as union calculations, Powerpay Plus is the payroll solution for you.

With Powerpay Plus, you can easily:

  • Manage and delegate your workload with role-based security
  • Save time by making mass changes to compensation, organization, deductions and contributions
  • Make informed decisions with Powerpay Advanced Reporting for secure, easy access to your company data
  • Reduce administrative tasks with HR data conveniently accessible in your payroll solution
  • Use 80 additional earnings codes to handle complex payroll structures

Powerpay Plus also integrates with Dayforce Workforce Management to help you improve workforce performance and reduce labour costs.

Powerpay Phone is the answer for businesses with 30 or fewer employees and static, simple payroll needs. Getting your payroll processed is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Simply call your Customer Care Representative with your payroll information.
  2. We enter and verify your payroll totals using our leading Powerpay software.
  3. Employees may be paid via direct deposit or cheques, which can be couriered to you with your payroll reports within 24 hours.

Compare Powerpay Solutions at a Glance

  Powerpay Powerpay Plus
Solution Overview Ensure your employees are paid accurately and on-time, supporting compliance with payroll legislation. All the features and benefits of Powerpay with the additional functionality required by businesses with more complex payroll needs.
Solution Platform Software as a Service (SaaS)/Online, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS)/Online, cloud-based
Support by Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) trained representatives Unlimited Unlimited
Comprehensive Payroll Processing (remittance / deductions / garnishees / direct deposits/ROEs and more) Yes Yes, including more than twice as many earning codes
Year-end Processing & Services Yes Yes
Mobile App Functionality Yes Yes
Standard Reporting (Online, Paper-based, HR & Payroll, Salary Wage Analysis) Yes * Template access only.
** Ad-hoc available with additional training fee.
Paperless, Environmentally-friendly Option Yes Yes
Advanced Reporting Yes
Custom Import Yes
HR Data (emergency contact, training, education, skills, memberships, certifications) Yes
Mass Update / Change Functionality Yes
Role-based Security Access Yes
Advanced Job Costing Yes
GL and Accounting Exports Add-on Yes Yes
Jobs, Positions and Compensation Add-on Yes Yes
Powerpay Self-Service Add-on Yes Yes
Dayforce Workforce Management Add-on Yes Yes

Add-on Ceridian Services

Powerpay and Powerpay Plus easily integrate with add-on solutions designed to help organizations like yours, save time, enable compliance and reduce costs. Add-on services for Powerpay include:


Powerpay Self Service

Self Service is an add-on to Powerpay that makes it easy for your employees to access and manage their HR profile. With Self Service, your employees can:

  • View pay statements and year-end tax forms online. This means fewer ad hoc requests so you can spend more time focusing on your business.
  • Update their personal information anytime and from anywhere so you always have accurate data.

Self Service makes it easy to keep employee data accurate. Self Service data is integrated with your payroll solution to save you time. Not only does Self Service save time, but it also cuts back on paper waste and any associated costs such as cheque delivery.

Here’s an example of how easy it is for your employees to add and change their emergency contact information. All they have to do is complete or edit this form and hit save.

Add Self Service to your existing agreement today!


Jobs, Positions and Compensation

  • Save time and minimize data entry errors
  • Assign a rate of pay and job costing allocations to a position, job or seniority level


Dayforce Workforce Management (WFM) with Powerpay

By adding Dayforce Workforce Management to your Powerpay solution, your mid-size business can integrate data and automate many of the most time-consuming Time & Attendance and HR processes.

Dayforce WFM enables you to:

  • Track employee time easily and accurately, automatically sending that data to payroll so you don’t have to re-enter hours
  • Minimize overtime and premium pay costs with an intuitive weekly planning and scheduling tool that simplifies how you manage your workforce
  • Provide employees with easy access to schedules online, even using their mobile device

Dayforce WFM also helps you to accomplish more using your existing resources. At every level of your organization, from employees to administrators, complex workforce management processes become easier, efficient, and effective.

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Powerpay Custom Reports

Generated by Ceridian and delivered to you with the Standard Excel Register, custom reports enable you to choose exactly what information you want to receive, regarding exactly which employees/departments/regions, and covering exactly what time-frames. Custom reports can draw on any HR and payroll data entered into Powerpay, including Status, SIN, Pension, Union, Accruals, Dental, Short-term Disability, Long-term Disability, and more.


Pooled Retirement Pension Plans

The government is making it easier for Canadians to save for retirement with Pooled Registered Pension Plans.
Once enforced, this legislation will enable or require small businesses in your province to offer this simple retirement savings option which is affordable for employers and employees alike.

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Ceridian Online Pay Statements/Tax Forms powered by epost™

With Ceridian Online Pay Statements/Tax Forms powered by epost™, your employees’ payroll documents are delivered directly via epost, the secure, online mail delivery service for Canada Post. Your employees simply log on to www.epost.ca to view or print their pay statements/tax forms from a personalized epost box™.

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Included Services

Powerpay Mobile App

Ceridian Canada’s Powerpay mobile app was the first mobile payroll app in Canada, and enables Powerpay customers to create, edit and submit payroll data on the go – using a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android.

Features Include:

  • Process and submit regular and extra payroll runs
  • Rapid or regular time entry with employee search
  • Perform employee hire / profile / bank deposits / status changes with ROE
  • View deductions and contributions
  • Online payroll reports
  • On-demand support from our award-winning Small Business Services Team
  • The same familiar interface you’re used to with Powerpay – no steep learning curve
  • Optional paperless processing
  • Advanced job costing
  • Data verification  and payroll preview

As a Powerpay customer, you can easily and conveniently pay your employees any time, anywhere. Once you produce and approve your payroll data using the app, Ceridian securely and confidentially processes your payroll within 24 hours - all with our renowned customer service and Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

Download the app today!

Get it at BlackBerry App World Available on the App Store Android App on Google play


Extend Your Payroll Solution with Ceridian’s Additional HR Services

Watch our Powerpay Mobile demo to see how you can
create, edit and submit payroll data on the go.

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