Simplify your cheque printing, payment processing and tax filing with Ceridian Print Payment Solutions

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Reduce the time and money spent managing tedious yet crucial payroll processes.

Ceridian Print Payment Solutions will help you to reduce the time and money spent managing tedious yet crucial payroll processes such as reconciling a payroll bank account and processing employee direct deposits.

Provide greater confidentiality through off-site production quality print facilities that securely seals cheques, pay statements and tax forms. This solution will also take the complexity out of submitting payroll remittances by depositing tax funds on time using the proper deposit method.

Choose to use all the services or select only those that you need. You can always add more services or move to our fully outsourced payroll service in the future.

Print Solution (cheques, pay statements and tax forms)

Ceridian Print Solution simplifies your payday production process. You transmit your payment data to us and we will print cheques and/or pay statements on pressure sealed forms, and distribute to your desired locations on time, every time. The single-sheet continuous fold and seal processes provide built-in security features. The service will automate year-end tax form production as well.

Payment Solution (EFT)

This option provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional banking products. A single debit for net payroll saves you time and money on reconciliations. Our solutions will give you peace of mind knowing that Ceridian, an experienced and reliable partner, will ensure payday runs smoothly.

Tax Services (Government Remittances)

Utilizing Ceridian tax filing expertise and automated, electronic processes will deposit tax funds on time, using the proper deposit method. This service will reduce your exposure to significant penalties, interest, and even tax liens due to noncompliance and late or inaccurate tax filings.

Generating payroll in-house can be made a lot easier by allowing Ceridian to manage portions of the process. Your system handles the crucial data and we will take much of the administrative headache away.

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