Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs

Enhance employee health and engagement with Ceridian Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs. Ceridian LifeWorks helps your employees achieve work-life balance, improving their productivity and well-being.

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We're delighted to announce our joint venture to create an industry first engagement and wellness power brand.

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LifeWorks provides a wide range of health and productivity solutions that will help keep your employees engaged, performing at the peak of their abilities, and committed to your business.

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Empower employees with EAP and work-life support

  • Tackle tough challenges, including financial and legal issues, critical incidents and manager training
  • Reach employees on their terms through the convenient LifeWorks website, mobile app and 24/7 expert counselor support
  • Address concerns and help navigate life changes to improve productivity, engagement and retention

Achieve a healthy and productive workplace

  • Contain health care costs by improving employee wellness
  • Provide solution-focused counselling, information, resources and referrals related to parenting and child care, education, health, midlife and retirement, caring for older adults, disability, legal and financial matters, addiction and recovery, emotions and stress and everyday community and consumer needs

Ceridian’s integrated product is a proven solution that enhances productivity, decreases absenteeism, strengthens retention, saves time and reduces stress.

Leading Brands choose Ceridian LifeWorks: Read the case study

Brandon University Enhances Employee Engagement With Ceridian Lifeworks

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