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  • Dayforce HCM

    Dayforce HCM is a SaaS solution for Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Management, Human Resources, Talent Management, Document Management, and Analytics. As a single application for HCM, Dayforce provides organizations with access to real-time data and results across all domains of HCM.

  • Dayforce Benefits

    Dayforce Benefits enables accurate, compliant and accessible employee benefit plans across your organization. Your organization’s benefits package is more than a vehicle for attracting top talent. It’s a commitment to your organization’s greatest source of competitive advantage: your workforce.

  • Dayforce Compensation Management

    Learn how Dayforce Compensation Management enables front line managers with information, guidelines, and tools to make better compensation decisions.

  • Dayforce ConnectedPay

    By enabling multinational organizations to simplify their international payroll tasks, Dayforce ConnectedPay seamlessly transforms global human capital management through a single application. Delivering visibility, control and compliance, our easy-to-use, cloud-based solution combines Ceridian’s in-country payroll expertise with our award-winning Dayforce HCM platform.Through its highly configurable SaaS platform, Dayforce ConnectedPay quickly scales to meet your company’s global needs while providing ultimate flexibility to deliver country requirements.

  • Dayforce Custom Go-Live Training

    Dayforce Custom Go-Live Training is a customized education solution designed for end-users.

  • Dayforce Dashboards

    Dayforce Dashboards is an easy-to-use and powerful analytics tool. Equip your business with enhanced analytical capabilities. With capabilities to empower your business to easily analyze, interpret and share vital HR information across your organization, Dayforce Dashboards delivers transparency, awareness, and visibility so you can make more informed decisions and recommendations. Get detail-rich reports that are configurable to your business needs.

  • Dayforce Document Management

    As an easy-to-use, single solution that is fully integrated into the Dayforce HCM application, Dayforce Document Management allows organizations to simplify the process and reduce the costs associated with the management of documentation. Efficiently manage HR information by accessing, capturing, storing, and retrieving through one complete application. Enable your employees to effortlessly upload and update personal information, as well as download company or job-related documentation. Using robust features and functionality, quickly organize, search and purge documents in one secure system.

  • Dayforce Essential Org Readiness Toolkit

    Help your employees with a smooth transition to Dayforce HCM with the Dayforce Essential Org Readiness Toolkit.

  • Dayforce Go

    Dayforce HCM for mid-sized businesses offers award-winning payroll, time and attendance, human resources and benefits technology in an innovative, cloud-based offering called Dayforce Go. All in one database. All in real-time. All in an affordable offering.

  • Dayforce Human Resources

    Gain centralized control of your workforce with a single cloud based Human Resources solution. Streamline tasks, reduce administrative costs, and improve communication across your entire enterprise. Provide your employees with secure access to personal HR information. Capture detailed real-time HR analytics where you need it most.

  • Dayforce Instructor-Led Training

    Gain insights with an engaging learning experience led by Dayforce HCM product experts.

  • Dayforce Live Membership

    Develop in-house expertise by attending live virtual training with Dayforce Live Membership.

  • Dayforce Mobile

    Empower your employees to do more with Dayforce Mobile. Gain control of your human capital with on-the-go access and visibility to important information, through Android or Apple mobile devices. Mobile-friendly self-service features enable organizations to increase employee engagement, streamline workflows, and allow employees to manage their work-life balance.

  • Dayforce MyPath

    Learn more about Dayforce MyPath, a comprehensive learning and on-the-job training platform.

  • Dayforce Onboarding

    Dayforce Onboarding enables organizations to manage onboarding needs for new hires, promotions and internal transboarding.

  • Dayforce Payroll

    Dayforce Payroll replaces traditional batch-driven payroll systems with a real-time SaaS application that can cut payroll processing time in half. With Dayforce HCM, your organization will achieve a swift and tangible ROI by streamlining payroll processing, improving accuracy, and enabling compliance – all while eliminating redundant data entry and reliance on fragile interfaces.

  • Dayforce Performance Management

    Dayforce Performance Management is a powerful solution for managing service excellence & employee development goals. The intuitive user experience and configurable features allow users to effectively manage and reward the performance of their employees. A collaborative communication solution, it includes identifying and setting goals, and provides continuous, meaningful feedback to the employee with accurate assessment of the results.

  • Dayforce Recruiting

    Empower organizations to easily find and hire best-fit candidates with Dayforce Recruiting. We’ve incorporated robust features and rich functionality to enable managers to post job requisitions and allow your talent acquisition team to quickly select prime candidates for roles. By offering complete visibility into current and past job requisitions, managers can obtain comprehensive details into the candidate pipeline and employment opportunities.

  • Dayforce Services

    Getting the right Dayforce HCM support for your business has never been easier. With three distinct tiers available, Standard, Premium and Administered, our support packages are designed to help customers maximize their Dayforce HCM investment. Offering access to online and phone support, 24/7 response, or day-to-day configuration of Dayforce HCM across your business, we have a support package designed to meet your unique business needs.

  • Dayforce Time & Attendance

    Empowering organizations to quickly and accurately track time and attendance for their workforce, Dayforce Time & Attendance enables organizations to work more efficiently. Calculate gross pay while adhering to complex regulations and view the real-time impact of timesheet changes or edits. Maintain accurate employee time records with a simple and easy-to-use application that helps automate existing processes.

  • Dayforce Touch

    Dayforce Touch takes time capture into the 21st century. Touch screen capabilities with integrated self-service functionality enables users to simply do more. Empower employees to view their schedules, request time away from work and manage their availability. Enable managers to authorize time cards effortlessly. Make time capture and self-service easy with Dayforce Touch.

  • Dayforce Tuff

    Dayforce Tuff is built specifically for the toughest of workplaces, eliminating the concern of data loss while helping increase productivity by enabling quick and accurate time capture directly on the floor or at a work station. With a ruggedized design, Dayforce Tuff is able to meet businesses' workforce management needs and maintain reliability.

  • Dayforce Workforce Management

    Dayforce Workforce Management helps organizations improve performance, reduce labor costs and align the workforce with corporate goals. Enable compliance with the labor rules and policies that aff ect your business. As part of our Dayforce HCM solution, Dayforce Workforce Management enables you to spend more time focusing on strategic business activities.

  • HR Advisory Services

    From creating employee policies and negotiating contracts to managing dismissals and more, with Ceridian HR Advisory Services you'll receive unlimited HR and employment/labour law advice for one affordable monthly fee.

  • Managed Payroll Essentials

    With Ceridian's Managed Payroll Essentials, you get an affordable team of Payroll Specialists who will handle your small business payroll from beginning to end with the professionalism and courtesy you expect. Simply tell us who to pay and how much, and Ceridian will pay them accurately and on time.

  • Managed Payroll Extended

    Let Ceridian manage your payroll and free yourself from this costly, time-consuming burden. Ceridian's Managed Payroll with optional Self Service provides a team of "experienced payroll specialists" to administer your payroll. Simply tell us who to pay and how much, and Ceridian will pay them accurately and on time.

  • Managed Pension Payments

    Reduce time-consuming pension payroll administration and processing, a growing burden for many companies. Ceridian's payroll specialists can free your HR and payroll departments to focus on your core objectives and strategic goals.

  • Online Pay Statements

    Convenient. Confidential. Provide your employees with easily accessible online pay statements/tax forms, so you can spend your days focusing on strategic priorities. With Ceridian Online Pay Statements/Tax Forms powered by epost TM, your employees’ payroll documents are delivered directly via epost, the secure, online mail delivery service for Canada Post.

  • Online Reports

    Take a step towards the creation of a paperless office. Streamline your processes and change the way your payroll department retrieves and stores information with Ceridian Online Reports.

  • Payroll Preview

    Ceridian Payroll Preview gives your business a distinct advantage – gross-to-net payroll data available for review and correction before processing. Accessible 24/7 via the Web, the preview application works in conjunction with your existing Ceridian Payroll or HRIS Solution, and allows you to be sure you’ll get the results you want.

  • Powerpay

    Whether you currently process payroll in-house, outsource it, or work with an accountant – you can save time, cut costs, and accomplish even more with Ceridian as your trusted partner. Ceridian’s suite of Powerpay solutions is flexible, scalable and reliable – able to meet the current needs of your organization and easily adjust as your business grows or your needs change. From simple phone-based payroll processing, to easy-to-use online solutions that empower your organization with transformative technology, Ceridian Powerpay offers the right solution for you.

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