Crunching the Numbers: 7 Ways to Get your Business Payroll Fit & Financially Well

Paying Talent

Did You Know? For every dollar earned, the average employee owes lenders $1.63, which Equifax Canada calculates to add up to about $20K of debt per Canadian.

With the plummeting dollar, soaring food costs and rising mortgage rates, money unsurprisingly is the number one source of stress for Canadians, according to recent research by Ipsos Reid. Small business employee salaries are simply not keeping pace with the present cost of living.  Plus, considering Canadian retirement saving rates have fallen from 20% of disposable income to less than 5% today, it's not surprising that aging workers are remaining employed longer. So how does this impact your company's bottom line and what can you do as an employer to get your business financially well and payroll fit in 2016?

At this webinar, our panel of expert guest speakers discuss:

  1. The state of financial wellness in Canada and around the World
  2. Steps for improving financial wellness in your workplace
  3. Strategies to help you sail through Year-End
  4. Different ways Ceridian can be your payroll department
  5. Things you need to know about retirement obligations for your mature workers


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