Ceridian Insync

Manage your company's most valuable asset—your people—more efficiently with Ceridian Insync, our integrated HR and payroll software.

Insync helps to administer all your HR and payroll processes from a single, secure solution plus gives you a centralized view of your workforce so that you can make informed business decisions. With no more re-keying of information and much less paperwork, you deliver payroll accurately and on time, and administer employee information with ease.

You can choose to have Insync installed as an on-premise HR and payroll software solution or hosted by Ceridian in a web-enabled version. Either way, you'll find Ceridian Insync frees up your valuable time to focus on HR strategies rather than the day-to-day processes of HR and payroll.


With Ceridian Insync's HR and Payroll modules, your data flows seamlessly between HR and payroll functions.

Payroll Module

The Payroll module keeps track of all information, so only changes need to be entered.

  • Paycheques or direct deposit
  • Statutory and non-statutory deductions
  • Government remittance filing
  • Records of Employment (ROEs)
  • Garnishee processing
  • Regular payroll reports
  • Legislative compliance
  • Year-end services
  • Employee attendance
  • New employee setup

HR Module

The HR modules gives a clear view of workforce characteristics and gives data required to make better business decisions.

  • Employee information
  • Benefits administration
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Performance administration
  • Property management
  • Training and skills inventory
  • Easy reporting

Payroll-Only Version

Although these payroll and HR modules are most powerful when they're used together, you can also choose our payroll-only version of Ceridian Insync. With payroll-only Ceridian Insync, you can still administer all of your payroll processes with a single, secure solution—without the added HR functionality. And you can always add the HR module at a later date if your business needs change.


Ceridian Insync delivers numerous benefits to your organization:

  • Free Up time and Improve Productivity. Managers and employees get the information they need from HR and Payroll reports quickly and easily – without the wait, downtime or frustration.  
  • Reduce Costs. Minimizes administration costs by reducing the time spent on re-keying employee data between redundant systems. It also decreases variable costs associated with photocopying, faxing, couriering and mailing.  
  • Integrate seamlessly with new technology. Capitalize on your investment in other technologies by importing your existing data—including ASCII data files, payroll masterfiles, register data, time clock input and self service data —into Ceridian Insync.  
  • Protect Confidential Data with Enhanced Security. Users can only access data for which their ID is authorized. And when data is transmitted to Ceridian, you can depend on 128-bit encryption technology to protect your confidential information.  
  • Comprehensive Reporting. Improve decision-making by having relevant employee information available. Use and organize this data by creating custom reports or use our extensive library of pre-defined payroll and HR reports.  
  • Rely on your Ceridian team. Online help is available 24/7 at your fingertips or, our knowledgeable Customer Care Team is available by phone.
  • Set your language preference. Choose a global language setting or define language at the individual user level.
  • Data exchange services: Automatically sends new and updated employee data to your PRPP (NEW!), RRSP, TFSA, and other insurance and investment programs.

Add-on Solutions for Insync

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