Ceridian Powerpay

Flexible, convenient and accessible, the Powerpay suite of online payroll solutions includes the perfect one for your growing business. Reduce your administrative burden by up to 40% by choosing Ceridian as your trusted partner.

Powerpay Web

Imagine the convenience of being able to securely enter, preview and submit your payroll data using leading technology with convenient, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) delivery.

Powerpay Web automatically tracks your pay periods and dates. It even displays your payroll totals and warns of potential errors.

Powerpay ensures that government remittances are accurate, employee pay statements are delivered, and/or direct deposits are performed.

We can even help with year-end payroll processing and tax form production as well as garnishee processing and report generation.

Automate complicated manual payroll processes

Free yourself from tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks such as calculating and issuing government remittances to federal and provincial bodies, processing deductions, and completing records of employment.

Choose the payment methods that work best for your business

Whether you want direct deposits or cheques, paper or virtual pay stubs, you can choose the best option for your people and improve employee satisfaction.

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Powerpay Plus

If your growing business has more complex payroll administration needs, Powerpay Plus is your complete payroll solution.

You get all the features of Powerpay Web and more. Powerpay Plus even helps you accurately measure your labour costs and monitor profit margins.

Role-based security to manage access and delegate workload

Easily restrict access to private payroll information. Enable your employees to confidentially share payroll-related tasks and remove the significant risks associated with having only one employee trained and authorized to work with your payroll data.

Mass compensation, organizational, deduction and contribution changes

Update entire groups of employees in the same amount of time it takes to update a single one.

Powerpay Plus also easily integrates with additional Ceridian solutions designed to help businesses like yours and cut their costs by up to 60%.

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Powerpay Phone

Simply call your Customer Care Representative with your payroll information.

While you are still on the line, we enter and verify your payroll totals.

Cheques and payroll reports are couriered to you within 24 hours.

Your employees' pay is deposited directly into their accounts electronically, at any financial institution.

Government remittances are completed automatically and electronically.

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  • New! Powerpay Web Mobile App: payroll management on the go
  • Input online (Powerpay Web) or by phone (Powerpay Phone)
  • Superior service from Ceridian's Small Business Customer Care team
  • Government Remittance services (CPP/QPP, EI & tax)
  • Statutory & non-statutory deductions
  • Garnishee processing
  • Your choice of cheques or direct deposits
  • Payroll Preview (Web solution)
  • Management Reports, provided either online/paperless (Web Solution) or couriered to your business (Phone solution)
  • Custom reports available to suit your unique needs
  • Year-end processing & tax form production
  • Records of Employment
  • Security-sealed forms
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Additional 80 earnings codes
  • Permission-based access to payroll screens and functions

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Be Environmentally Responsible

Go paperless with Powerpay Web and reduce your impact on the environment. Many of our customers, including some of our largest enterprise clients, choose to receive their payroll reports electronically.

To celebrate Earth Day, we pledged to donate $5 to the Earth Day Canada organization for every customer who chose to go paperless by July 1, 2011. More than 1,100 clients made the switch so we were able to donate $5,700. Thank you!

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Add-on Solutions for Powerpay

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