Ceridian Powerpay for small business – more than just payroll software

Ceridian small business payroll and HR services include more than just payroll software. Our payroll solutions provide everything you need to process your payroll and an expert team to help you do it.

Powerpay is a flexible, scalable, and reliable online payroll solution for any growing small business. Powerpay solutions for small business include:

Reduce your administrative burden by up to 40% and get it all with our Total Satisfaction Guarantee by choosing Ceridian as your trusted payroll and HR partner!

Powerpay Web

Our core Powerpay solution is a leading online payroll processing solution that ensures your employees are paid accurately, on time, and in full compliance.

Eliminate the hassle, risk, and worry of payroll in three easy steps:

  1. Securely enter payroll data online, even using your mobile device
  2. Preview payroll, check for automatically-identified errors
  3. Submit payroll for processing, leave the rest to us

Our CPA-certified payroll experts are there to provide unlimited support.

Features include:

  • Management reports
  • Custom reports available to suit your unique needs
  • Year-end processing & tax form production
  • Records of Employment generation
  • Security-sealed forms
  • Statutory & non-statutory deductions
  • Garnishee processing
  • Your choice of cheques or direct deposits
  • Mobile support for payroll on the go
  • Paperless pay stubs through ePost
  • Data exchange services: Automatically sends new and updated employee data to your PRPP (NEW!), RRSP, TFSA, and other insurance and investment programs.

When your business grows or your payroll needs increase, Powerpay Web effortlessly scales up to Powerpay Plus.

Compare Powerpay solutions at a glance.

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Powerpay Plus

All of the features and benefits of Powerpay Web, plus much more.

If your organization is mid-sized or simply has more complex payroll administration needs, such as union calculations, Powerpay Plus is your complete payroll solution.

Additional functionality includes:

  • Manage and delegate your workload with role-based security
  • Make mass changes to compensation, organization, deductions and contributions
  • View HR data in your payroll solution to reduce running around
  • Use 80 additional earnings codes
  • And more

For added benefit, Powerpay Plus easily integrates with additional Ceridian solutions, such as Dayforce Workforce Management.

Compare Powerpay solutions at a glance.

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Powerpay Phone

For small businesses with static, simple payroll needs.

Just call your Customer Care Representative with your payroll information and we enter and verify your payroll totals.

Employees may be paid via direct deposit, or cheques can be couriered to you with your payroll reports within 24 hours.

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Powerpay Solutions at a Glance

  Powerpay Powerpay Plus Powerpay Phone
Right-Sized for Business With 1-100 ee 30-300 ee 1-50 ee
Solution Overview Ensure your employees are paid accurately and on-time, in full compliance with payroll legislation - guaranteed. All the features and benefits of Powerpay with the additional functionality required by businesses with more complex payroll needs. Offers a payroll phone in service - ideal for more static payrolls.
Features and Functionality
Solution Platform Software-as-a-ServiceS / Online Software-as-a-ServiceS / Online Phone-based
Customer Access Via Web or Mobile App Web or Mobile App Phone
Payroll Compliance & Processing Support by Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) Certified Representatives Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Comprehensive Payroll Processing (remittance / deductions / garnishees / direct deposits/ROEs and more) Yes Yes, including more than twice as many earning codes Yes
Year-end Processing & Services Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support from our qualified IT Representatives Unlimited Unlimited n/a
Mobile App Functionality Basic Full n/a
Custom & Canned Reporting (Online, Paper-based, HR & Payroll, Salary Wage Analysis) Yes Yes Yes
GL Export Yes Yes
Custom Import   Yes  
Data Storage and Viewing of Employee Personnel Data & Other HR Information   Yes  
Mass Update / Change Functionality   Yes  
Role-based Security Access   Yes  
Advanced Job Costing   Yes  
Self-Service, Ceridian Business Intelligence, and Dayforce Workforce Management Add-ons Yes Yes  
Accounting Exports Yes Yes  

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