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Small Business Leadership – Take Time for Yourself

Some of the best businesses start small, with only a dream and anywhere from one to a few employees. Over time, as their company and employee count grows, small business owners can find themselves pulled away from their core business focus, or dream, to deal with people management issues.

Making the successful shift from an entrepreneur to a manager can be challenging even for the most confident business owner. As much as you want to support your employees, you simply don’t have the time to coach them on every personal and professional challenge they encounter. The pressure only continues to intensify as your company grows.

Ceridian LifeWorks teamed up with Lynne Gaines, B.A. and Advanced Human Resources Certificate, Boston College Graduate School of Management/Bentley College to develop five ways to build a resilient team, so you can succeed as a manager.

1. Build your own personal resilience

  • You can’t build a resilient team unless you’re resilient yourself
  • Pay extra attention to taking care of yourself during stressful times
  • Be familiar with the symptoms of stress

2. Encourage autonomy and flexibility

  • Encourage individual and team problem-solving
  • Encourage decision-making
  • Encourage flexibility

3. Help employees manage change

  • Meet with employees when a change is taking place within your organization
  • Be an effective and diligent listener and communicator during times of change
  • Help people take control of the situation

4. Provide opportunities for ongoing learning

  • Provide employees with learning opportunities
  • Help employees find mentors and a network of support within the organization
  • Provide opportunities for training and retraining

5. Help employees find a sense of meaning in their work

  • Help individuals and the group see the value they bring to the organization
  • Help people feel appreciated

Instead of burning out or loosing your focus as your business grows, why not take a preventative approach to your own personal and professional challenges?

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a good place to start. In addition to offering resources to your employees to help them with their personal and professional issues, some EAP programs offer resources specifically for managers. These tools help small business managers with performance issues, disciplinary problems, organizational change, team building, retention and morale, and management in today’s changing world of work.

In addition to providing managers access to a wealth of online resources including award-winning podcasts, articles, newsletters, booklets, and audio recordings, Ceridian’s Lifeworks offers 24/7 support via telephone, online chat or video conferencing.

Look for upcoming LifeWorks related blog posts as part of an ongoing series to help you set your small business up for success.

Learn more about Ceridian Lifeworks here.


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