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What are HR leaders saying about sleep deficiency in Canada?

sleep deprivation

Sleep deficiency in Canada is a worrisome trend that is becoming more and more noticeable on a wide scale. In fact, numerous HR leaders in Canada specifically have begun recognizing it and talking about it. Ceridian’s whitepaper Stop Hitting “Snooze” on Sleep Deficiency includes polling data from 377 Canadian HR leaders who responded to survey questions about the sleep health of their employees. In a lot of cases, the results were alarming.

One thing we found is that sleep deficiency is killing productivity. Among Canadian HR leaders today, 25 percent have witnessed a worker falling asleep on the job within the last six months. Shift workers are especially vulnerable in this area, as 44 percent of organizations are using workers on shift-oriented schedules and many are failing to account for how the schedule affects people’s sleep health.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly – only 32 percent of Canadian businesses say that they offer wellness program designed to improve people’s sleep hygiene.

Clearly, there’s a lot of room for improvement where employee sleep health is concerned. Here are five tips that should help HR offices better address this issue:

Educate the staff
First and foremost, employees need to be educated about the importance of healthy sleep habits and the dangers of sleep deficiency. Take a moment to show your staff the value of sleep.

Improve the workspace
Often, there are ways that HR offices can prop up people’s sleep health simply by making improvements to the workplace. For example, numerous employees have said that they’d appreciate having nap rooms to help them get through the day.

Institute a wellness program
Companies can use wellness programs to help their employees monitor their sleep patterns, and provide sleep hygiene tips. Implementing a wellness program in your organization is a great way to work with staff members on their long-term sleep health.

Help with the workload
Often, people’s trouble sleeping stems from their difficulties with managing the workload around the office. Companies can work with their employees on time management and other work skills, which should help them sleep better each night and be refreshed each day.

Implement high-quality coaching
Finally, for employees who need a little bit of extra help with their specific sleep health issues, some one-on-one sleep coaching might be necessary. This is where an employee assistance program can help, offering employees counseling when they need it most.

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