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April 29, 2015

Is it Time for a Technology Detox? Nomophobia and The Small Business Owner

DID YOU KNOW: 66% of the population suffers from nomophobia, also known as the the fear of being without their smartphone? If feelings of anxiety set in when you misplace your phone, you’re not alone. In fact 73% of people feel panic when they are seperated from their mobile device.

April 24, 2015virtual employees

4 clear benefits that employees gain through telecommuting

In recent years, companies have begun to take an entirely new approach to workforce management. Not long ago, the basis of effectively managing a staff meant ensuring that they showed up to the office every day. Times are changing now, though. Workers are beginning to gain a little autonomy.

April 22, 2015

Legal Considerations for Selling Your Small Business

DID YOU KNOW: 35% of privately held Canadian businesses intend to grow their business through acquisition? Given the prevalence of acquisition as a strategy for growth, there is a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to “cash in” on the value of their businesses.

April 16, 20153 tips for turning a workforce of any size into a productive one

3 tips for turning a workforce of any size into a productive one

The long-term goal in human resources is always to drive employee retention and productivity upward – you’re given a staff with a certain number of employees on board, and your job is to maximize their output. You want every single worker under your roof to have the highest possible impact on the achievements of the […]

April 8, 2015

Thinking of Starting a Small Business? Why 2015 is Your Year

Ceridian’s prediction that 2015 would be a good year for small business (read the blog here) is coming true. The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses found their Business Barometer Index rose about a point and a half during the month of March.

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