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May 29, 2015employee engagement

5 ways to get great engagement out of ‘temporary’ seasonal employees

Typically, the goal in human capital management is to ensure employee retention and productivity with every worker under your roof. No matter what type of talent you’re working with, you want people to stick with the organization for a long time and put in high-quality work. Unfortunately, some types of positions weren’t designed with the “long […]

May 26, 2015

3 Years, 3 Small Business EAP Trends

Staying competitive while retaining and engaging top talent can be challenging for small businesses. Ceridian recently held an event to discuss the top employee assistance programs (EAP’s) and wellness trends we think will have a big impact on companies over the next few years. Here are our top three predictions.  

May 15, 2015cloud HCM

Webcast: 3 key benefits of using a smarter, faster solution for payroll processing

While there’s a lot that goes into human capital management, as it’s a holistic challenge to build a talented, engaged and productive workforce, it essentially all goes back the initial task of payroll processing. For most employees, the paycheck is the one element of the job that trumps all else – if you’re paid accurately […]

May 5, 2015mental health 2

Mental Health: Private Shame to Shared Responsibility #MHW2015

May 4 to 10 is the Canadian Mental Health Association’s 64th annual National Mental Health Week — an ideal opportunity to talk about what we’ve learned about mental health through the years. Ironically, even just one generation ago, a workplace forum such as this blog likely wouldn’t have included too many open discussions dedicated to […]

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