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Archive for August 2015

August 25, 2015

3 major recruiting trends affecting Canadian employers in 2015

Across a great many industries, HR leaders are always focused to some degree on recruiting. They constantly need to be looking out for talented job candidates – either to fill new positions that are opening up, or to replace departing employees with minimal turnover costs. Recruiting never stops.

August 13, 2015

Employees Communication Style Impacts Small Businesses Bottom Line

For many small business owners your employees are like your second family.  Being responsible for recruiting and retaining the right people to be part of your “second family” is not an easy task. Neither is ensuring all your hires get along.

August 6, 2015

Small Business Employer Compliance Obligations You Can’t Afford to Get Wrong

DID YOU KNOW: In 2014, the Ontario Ministry of Labour investigated 17,453 complaints made by employees alleging their employer violated the employment standards legislation, as well as conducting 2,477 inspections? Under legislation across Canada, employers of all sizes including small business employers can be fined for failing to adhere to requirements related to employment standards […]

August 5, 2015Dayforce Performance Management

How to use performance management to engage and retain employees

By Eric Schuster, Vice President,  Dayforce Product Management at Ceridian. Last week, I had the chance to talk to several peers within my organization about a new open position. It was an interesting opportunity, and we all agreed that the job was an excellent fit for an internal candidate. This got me wondering, why don’t […]

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