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3 Ways to Engage your Small Business Employees, Like Canada’s Top 100 Employers Do

For the past 16 years, “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” has been holding a national competition to select the top employers in the country. The winning companies are rated based on their ability to offer exceptional workplaces.

This year Canada’s Top 100 Employers had a couple of things in common including exceptional human resources programs and forward-thinking workplace policies. A key theme is the companies who do the best job engaging their employees are the ones who make an effort to put their people first.

1. Make Employee Engagement a Priority
This year, an average of 77% of employees at the 50 Best Employer companies were classified as engaged, versus just 55% at the organizations that didn’t make the list.

Ceridian is proud to be selected to this prestigious top 100 list for the 13th year in a row. High employee engagement ranks among our top three priorities, along with customer experience and product excellence. In fact, our president Dave MacKay commented that, “employee engagement actually drives all three of our priorities. It is the single most important strength we have and is fundamental to the success of our business.”

Employee engagement is not the exclusive domain of the big companies. With new and accessible technologies, smaller organizations can easily implement employee engagement practices to ensure their business grows, and their people flourish. Recent research by Hewitt and others shows high levels of employee engagement means:

  • Higher employee attraction and retention rates
  • Better customer service
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower absenteeism

2. Consider How Self-Service Technology Leads to Engagement
Self-service is making a difference for many businesses. According to more than one study 89% of business owners/HR professionals said they save a significant amount of time by letting employees perform administrative tasks. Almost half of those surveyed believe employee self-service portals are the single most efficient way to provide employees with all of their benefits information.**

The exciting array of self-service HR applications and new cloud-based technologies makes it easy for smaller businesses to lighten their workload while also engaging and empowering employees. Once used exclusively by the ‘big guys’, cloud and mobile self serve applications are becoming more common among small businesses.

Self-service payroll and HR allows your employees to securely access, view, revise and input important information themselves from virtually any location. After all, today’s increasingly social, mobile worker has greater respect and enthusiasm for those organizations that make their job easier: Recent surveys show mobile payroll and HR applications accessible to employees sparked a measurable increase in workplace satisfaction. *If your organization is focused on engagement, but has not yet joined the self-service revolution, now is the time.

3. Unite Employees Behind a Cause
Did you know “the number of Fortune 500 companies that offer employee volunteering and giving programs is nearing 100%?”**** Corporate social responsibility has become something employees look for when selecting a prospective employer.

All organizations, large or small have the ability to give back. Whether you choose to implement a volunteer day where employees can take paid time off to support their local charity of choice, or fundraise for a purpose, rallying employees around a cause contributes to engagement.

To help engage Ceridian employees while giving back, Ceridian established the “Ceridian Cares” registered charity to assist individuals and families in communities where the company operates across Canada – over $398K was raised through payroll deductions, fundraising activities and an annual corporate contribution last year, with the funds distributed to over 150 individuals, families and other registered charities.

If you are shopping for a great employee engagement tool for your business, be sure to check out our Powerpay Suite of Solutions for small business here or LifeWorks here.


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***Using Self-Service Portals to Improve
Benefits Administration Efficiency

**** 2015 Realize Worth http://www.realizedworth.com/2015/01/the-future-of-employee-engagement-empowering-transformation.html



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