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With nearly 7,000 employees across the globe, Ceridian realizes the effect our business can have on both local communities and the environment. Ceridian takes environmental responsibilities seriously and has taken significant steps to minimize our impact on the ecosystem.

Sustainability Practices

For years, Ceridian has been working towards environmental sustainability by improving and streamlining our information technology solutions—both those applied to our own business and those used by our customers. Continuous efforts are made to address the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, reducing energy consumption and conservation. While many of Ceridian's product and services help companies streamline their HR and payment solutions, enabling them to become more sustainable, other Ceridian efforts have had an equally direct impact on the environment and our energy use.

As the leading provider of payroll, gift card and controlled spending solutions, we help our customers decrease the use of print, paper and related natural resources. Some examples of Ceridian's green solutions include direct deposit services, reloadable payroll cards, online W-2 services, self-service solutions and cloud-based workforce management and human capital management solutions. The use of these services has a profound impact on paper consumption and on the physical storage required to house, manage and support this paper volume.

In addition, Ceridian has implemented common sense, sustainable solutions throughout its numerous operations and facilities. Examples of these green efforts include:

  • Having all Ceridian LifeWorks printed educational materials available in digital form online
  • Using 600 fewer printers and a 5% reduction in office paper consumption as a result of several print reduction campaigns
  • Fine-tuning building systems to accommodate flexible work times and changing employee schedules, which decreases utility consumption by 20 to 25 percent, reduces energy consumption and preventative maintenance expense and provides for longer life expectancy of mechanical equipment thanks to reduced run times
  • Recycling efforts within the Ceridian U.S. offices have helped to reduce landfill volume by more than 20 percent
  • Ceridian UK has also worked tirelessly to understand and reduce the impact they have on the environment, commissioning an independent assessment from the experts at Red Kite Enterprise and Environment.

Here are some of the steps they have taken to improve their environmental performance:

  • Ceridian UK's largest site, Sonas in Glasgow, emits 44 Kg CO2/m2, which is 17percent below the current benchmark
  • Increased use of tele-and video-conferencing to minimize travel emissions
  • Ceridian UK headquarters at Green Park in Reading is covered by a ISO1400 accredited environmental management system and part of their electricity is supplied by wind turbines
  • Energy-saving motion-sensing lighting is in use in the Leeds, Manchester and Reading offices
  • All main offices have bike racks and green travel is encouraged, with bicycle hire and free bus service available at the Reading office
  • Water coolers have been switched from bottled water to in-house plumbing supplied, saving transport emissions and reducing plastic waste 
  • Paper reporting to customers has been reduced by 20% by using electronic reports

Ceridian Canada is also committed to delivering products and services that are environmentally responsible, while providing a healthy and safe work environment for employees. The goal: to be a leading business advocate of preserving the well-being of our environment – locally, nationally, and globally – for the enjoyment of future generations.  With "Green Guardians" at each of Ceridian Canada's offices, volunteers represent and coordinate environmental stewardship practice by communicating 'green business practices', maintaining a facilities Environmental Impact Report Card, and working to reduce the carbon footprint in all offices.

Ceridian is committed to both serving our customers and doing all we can to sustain the world and create a better place to live and to work.