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Accurate, secure and reliable Payroll & HR solutions.

Dayforce Go

Dayforce HCM has been tailored for mid-size businesses with 100+ employees. It offers a single, cloud-based application for Payroll, Time and Attendance, HR and Benefits called Dayforce Go. It’s easy to implement and designed to grow with you. Get your whole team working smarter and faster now.

  • Payroll: Pay your employees accurately and efficiently
  • Time & Attendance: Simplify management of your workforce
  • Human Resources: Consolidate your human resource processes
  • Benefits: Provide your workforce with benefit plans that meet their individual needs

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Powerpay Suite

Ceridian’s suite of Powerpay solutions is flexible, scalable and reliable – able to meet the current needs of your organization and easily adjust as your business grows or your needs change.


Say goodbye to outdated payroll calculators and time-consuming spreadsheets and equip your business with an accurate and reliable payroll solution. Businesses choose Powerpay for:

  • Its intuitive user interface that warns you of potential payroll errors
  • Automatic pay calculations and remittances to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • The flexibility to run payroll from your desktop, smartphone or tablet
  • Unlimited support from certified payroll professionals
  • Easily scales to Powerpay Plus, or a Managed Payroll Solution
  • Integrates with Time & Attendance powered by Dayforce Workforce Management and/or Dayforce Self-Service as your business needs grow

Powerpay Plus

Powerpay Plus is the solution for businesses with a larger team and that require the functionality to perform mass edits for changes in compensation, user-based security profiles, and more. It includes everything you get in Powerpay together with:

  • The ability to track labour costs
  • Quickly and easily perform mass changes like salary increases
  • Custom data imports
  • Role-based security profiles
  • Ceridian Business Intelligence for robust reporting

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Managed Payroll Services

Outsource your payroll administration to Ceridian’s professionals. Managed Payroll is an affordable payroll solution for your business, helping reduce your burden and mitigate your risk.

  • We help input and initially validate your payroll data
  • We test and process your payroll
  • We generate and provide your payroll reports
  • We help with your payroll processes and error analysis
  • No employee inquiries –Ceridian’s representatives handle certain employee inquiries on your behalf

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Dayforce Go

Dayforce HCM has been tailored for mid-size businesses with 100+ employees. It offers a single, cloud-based application for Payroll, Time and Attendance, HR and Benefits called Dayforce Go. It’s easy to implement and designed to grow with you. Get your whole team working smarter and faster now.

The Time & Attendance or Workforce Management functionality included in Dayforce Go is faster to implement and more cost-effective than competing solutions. It will give you the visibility and functionality to:

  • Help enable compliance with legislation and business rules when managing employee schedules
  • Create weekly schedules manually or automatically
  • Enable accurate time tracking and compliance
  • Improve employee work-life balance

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Workforce Management

Ceridian Dayforce Workforce Management is an easier way to manage your employees, automate time and attendance, scheduling, communications, and more.

Save time, cuts costs, and reduce the complexity of managing your teams. Dayforce Workforce Management is an intuitive cloud-based service with easy-to-use interfaces for employees, managers, and administrators that allows you to:

  • Track employee time easily and accurately using easy-to-reconcile timecards or timeclocks, and send that data to payroll
  • Minimize overtime and other payroll costs with an intuitive weekly planning and scheduling tool
  • Enable your compliance with federal, provincial, and local regulations
  • Control how employees earn vacation and other time away from work balances or entitlements
  • Allows for the addition of other Dayforce modules
  • Do it on the go using a mobile device

Dayforce Workforce Management with Powerpay – integrates your data and automates many of the most time-consuming Time & Attendance and HR processes.

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HR Advisory Services

Stop being billed by the hour. Get affordable, unlimited HR legal counsel from Ceridian.

Ceridian HR Advisory Services offers you unlimited access to employment and labour lawyers for one affordable, flat rate.

  • More than 95% of the HR decisions you make have legal implications. Get the legal counsel you need to make informed decisions for yourself, your employees, and your business
  • Unlimited oral and written advice and support regarding HR and employment law matters, contracts, letters of termination
  • Regular e-mail updates regarding developments in the areas of human resources and employment law via e2r Alerts
  • Access to an online Resource Centre containing helpful articles, archived e2r Alerts regarding legislative changes, valuable HR tools
  • And much more

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Add-on Ceridian Services

Ceridian offers a range of Payroll and HR services that complement Ceridian applications already in place. These services provide our customers with the support they need.

Plus, if you are ready to transform your existing Payroll and HR solution to a powerful, single application, you'll want to check out Dayforce HCM . With one employee record, one user experience and zero interfaces, you'll be able to process pay, manage benefits enrolment, maintain HR records and schedule staff while monitoring compliance throughout the whole employee life cycle.


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Four Ceridian customers talk about Dayforce and why they do not hesitate to recommend the HCM and workforce management tool.

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