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With Dayforce Connected Pay, multinational organizations can successfully navigate international differences and manage, view and analyze payroll across their employee base, around the world.

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With Dayforce Connected Pay, global organizations gain:

  • The ability to apply best practices for in-country pay & employment laws
  • A single global payroll data repository, reporting engine and workflow system
  • Standardized feeds between Dayforce HCM and Ceridian's in-county partners for automated payroll processing
  • An interactive view of each country's calculated gross-to-net pay data
  • Configurable payroll audits to allow Payroll Managers to quickly identify anomalies
  • Access to a rich set of Dayforce features including analytics, workflows, self-service, mobile and document management capabilities
  • Complete view of employee data – including Pay - on the single Dayforce platform, with a single, consistent toolset
  • Ability to configure and link global pay data to corporate general ledgers
  • Award-winning service for more accurate, timely execution of payroll across the globe

Dayforce becomes your global system of record through:

  • Country specific new hire onboarding forms, automated time and attendance scheduling and absence management/time-off workflows
  • Global reporting capabilities in the form of consolidated reporting and business intelligence A localizable user interface that reflects local language, date, hour and currency formatting
  • Global service support in 15+ languages

Ceridian's Global Solutions, including Dayforce Workforce Management, give global organizations the visibility and functionality to manage employee schedules in compliance with legislation and business rules. Ensure accurate time tracking and compliance and improve employee work-life balance with a single application and Dayforce Connected Pay.

Global Workforce Management capabilities include:

  • Time & Attendance
  • Attendance Management
  • Task Management
  • Weekly Planning and Scheduling

Improve global workforce performance, reduce labour cost and align the workforce with corporate goals, with Ceridian Global Solutions.

Meet Rachel. She manages global payroll for a growing multinational corporation. Find out how Rachel discovers the easiest way to lower her stress.

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