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Engage, empower and develop your workforce

Establishing a culture of learning is essential to employee development and growth. Dayforce Learning gives you the tools to engage and empower your employees to encourage their development with on-going learning. Dayforce HCM embeds learning functionality throughout our single application that employees interact with daily. By incorporating learning into your employees’ daily routine, you can make learning an interactive experience instead of a passive activity.

  • eLearning, classroom and webinar course styles are available as formal training options to meet your employees’ specific learning styles
  • Create company, department and role specific learning assets to ensure all employees are up-to-date on skills, regulations, and other areas that affect your business
  • Employees can create their own learning paths to actively participate in their education planning
  • Course Catalogs empower employees to take ownership of their learning by enabling them to self-enroll in courses they are interested in

Based on the 70/20/10 model, Dayforce Learning goes beyond formal techniques involving your employees in the creation and sharing of content to support informal learning while enabling employees to ask questions and get answers from subject matter experts.

  • Social learning offers an informal learning experience to go beyond traditional methods and learn via peers and coaching
  • Define "channels" of knowledge to group relevant content that employees can subscribe to
  • Assign coaching roles to SMEs to help educate, enable and mentor other employees
  • Provide a platform for all employees to effectively share insights and best practices with one another

With Dayforce Learning, you can make sure employees stay on track to meet their learning milestones. Dayforce Learning also provides capabilities to monitor compliance with certification expiration alerts and extensive reporting capabilities.

  • Employees and managers have visibility into the employee’s learning progress to ensure all requirements are being met
  • Reports provide managers, instructors and leadership with key insights into learning information and data
  • Link courses and learning plans to certifications and recertifications to easily track mandatory requirements
  • Report on certifications to ensure adherence to compliance standards around learning information

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