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Transform data into insights and take action

Dayforce Predictive Analytics transforms big data into predictive outcomes. By examining key factors linked to risk, it provides actionable insights and enables customers to proactively respond to potential problems.

  • Sophisticated machine learning algorithms analyze data to make predictions
  • Explore predictive insights and identify where challenges exist
  • Discover trends with intuitive dashboards and reports
  • Proactively respond to issues to maintain operational continuity

Dayforce analyzes key datasets and applies machine learning to predict employee flight risk so you can take action. Each team member's forecasted data is grouped by employee performance, allowing managers to pay particular attention to those employees who are of greatest concern – high performers with high flight risk.

  • Predict employee flight risk and take action on risk indicators to prevent turnover
  • Identify high performing employees with flight risk and respond accordingly
  • Increase cost savings by reducing frequency of employee turnover
  • Flight risk analytics are updated on a daily basis enabling you to make informed decisions

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