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  • Rubio's Coastal Grill Cooks up a Better Onboarding Process

    Learn how the growing fast-service national restaurant chain streamlined the employee onboarding experience and said farewell to manual paper-based processes.

  • Shore Hotel Delivers 24/7, Five-Star Service

    Read how thanks to Dayforce HCM, this boutique hotel in Santa Monica is able to manage staff around the clock.

  • The Houston Texans Score a Touchdown with Dayforce

    Learn how an NFL team with a diverse workforce – from office staff to football players – manages payroll and HR, whether at home or on the road.

  • Blue Man Group Conquers Creative Chaos

    Read how Blue Man Group benefits from Dayforce HCM to consolidate tasks such as payroll, timekeeping, and scheduling, into a single centralized human capital management system.

  • Nucleus ROI Case Study: E & H Family Group sees 216% ROI from implementing Dayforce HCM

    The E&H Family Group deployed Ceridian’s Dayforce human capital management (HCM) solution to replace an on-premise legacy program with a single source cloud solution. Nucleus found that the Dayforce solution provided the E&H Family Group with an end-to-end cloud solution that eliminated costs associated with the legacy program, improved strategic decision making, and increased efficiencies. The result yielded over 200% in annual ROI and a payback period of 4 months.

  • Nucleus Research Benefits Case Study: Dayforce HCM at Creative Solutions in Health Care

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    According to Nucleus Research, healthcare provider Creative Solutions saw a number of benefits from their use of Dayforce HCM, including transparency, control, increased productivity and improved technology management.

  • Duncan Craig LLP Lawyers Mediators –Streamlining Workflows and Reducing Labour Costs with Dayforce Go

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Read on to learn how Duncan Craig streamlined workflows and reduced labour costs with Dayforce Go.

  • Disability Resource Provider Develops Engaging Content to Train Staff on Dayforce HCM

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    To help their staff in the transition over to Dayforce HCM, North Shore Disability Resource Centre leveraged the Dayforce Education Essentials material that is included to build engaging content.

  • Club Fit Builds Training Program with Dayforce Live Membership and MyPath

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    By making content easily accessible and available 24/7 online, Club Fit was able to provide a seamless transition over to Dayforce HCM.

  • Dayforce HCM: Medical Imaging Consultants Efficiently Manages Their Workforce

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    As a scalable solution that could easily be adapted across 12 clinics, Medical Imaging Consultants implemented Dayforce HCM, a single cloud-based HCM application to efficiently manage their workforce.

  • Jackman Community Daycare

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Powerpay

    Focusing on a safe learning environment for children became easier when the administrative burden of compliantly paying employees was automated with Powerpay.

  • Chinook Bowling Management

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Powerpay

    Discover how the owner and general manager of this community entertainment site was able to efficiently and compliantly pay her part-time staff.

  • North Shore Disability Resource Centre

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Read this case study to learn how the great feature set of Dayforce HCM helped the Director of HR at North Shore Disability reduce the need for ongoing training and see the impact of scheduling changes as they are being made with it's real-time capabilities.

  • Journal Media Group Deploys a Customized Dayforce Education Solution

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Learn how Journal Media Group was able to deploy a comprehensive education program that was uniquely tailored to meet the specific requirements of their business.

  • Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd Achieves Efficiency in Human Capital Management

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Looking to streamline human capital management, Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd. implements Dayforce HCM to modernize their Payroll, Benefits and HR processes.

  • Hawaii National Bank Enters New Era of Human Capital Management

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    After having implemented Dayforce HCM, Hawaii National Bank's HCM processes (Payroll, Benefits, Time & Attendance, HR and Self-Service) were consolidated into one cloud-based solution.

  • How Allied Properties Reit Evolved into One Single Real-time HCM Solution

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Allied is now utilizing Dayforce HCM throughout the entire business. Immediately, Allied streamlined processes through automation and reduced time spent on administrative tasks – by 100% in some instances.

  • PSK Supermarkets Streamline Payroll, Time & Attendance with Dayforce HCM

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Regional grocer PSK Supermarkets streamlined payroll processing and workforce management with Dayforce HCM.

  • Nucleus Research ROI Case Study: Manufacturer ACCO Brands Sees ROI from Dayforce HCM Payroll and Human Resources

    To replace a human resource outsourcing (HRO) solution that left the employer without control over an error-prone HR process, ACCO Brands deployed Ceridian Dayforce for payroll and to establish a human resource information system (HRIS).

  • Peto MacCallum Achieves Productivity Gains

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    As one of Canadian's most reputable consulting engineering firms, Peto MacCallum Ltd. was relying on time consuming manual processes and dependent on a plethora of paperwork.

  • ACCO Successfully Transforms its HCM Model

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    By transitioning over to Dayforce HCM, learn how ACCO was able to streamline all their Payroll, Self-Service, and HR needs with one highly-configurable cloud-based solution.

  • Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc.

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Learn how Global Brass and Copper implemented Dayforce HCM, a single application to cover payroll, workforce management, tax and benefits.

  • Prairie Gold

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce Go

    Prairie Gold Produce, a Canadian producer of fresh pack potatoes and dehydrated potato granules, was using outdated, separate Payroll and HR systems, which caused duplicate data entries and payroll errors.

  • Sendik's Food Market Case Study Controlling Labour Costs Effectively with Dayforce HCM

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    By combining functionality in Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Management, HR and Tax into one single solution, Sendik's was able to have greater control in managing their labour costs.

  • Pinnacle Caterers Case Study Dayforce HCM: Providing Visibility Where Managers Need It Most

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    The complete integration of WFM and Payroll provides real-time key performance indicators that encourage managers to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

  • Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA Returns Focus to Members After Implementing Dayforce HCM

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    With sixteen locations in Virginia, the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA offers programs and services that strengthen the foundations of the communities they support.

  • Alberta Utilities Commission

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Managed Payroll Services, Ceridian Online Pay Statements & Tax Forms

    The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) is a long-time partner of Ceridian. For many years, the company utilized Ceridian's convenient Powerpay solution which allowed them to administer payroll internally, while Ceridian handled the processing.

  • Nucleus Research ROI Case Study – Grocery Retailer PSK Supermarkets

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    For grocery retailers, operating margins are typically only a couple of percent. The Nucleus Research ROI Case Study for PSK Supermarkets, operating under the Foodtown and Freshtown brands, validates how workforce management with Dayforce HCM has increased margin every pay period by an average of more than 50 basis points.

  • Morrison Hershfield

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: Managed Payroll Solutions, International Payroll Services

    In 2007, the Financial Services team at Morrison Hershfield, created a wish list that would address the company's payroll pain points.

  • Pier 1 Imports

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce Workforce Management

    For its first 49 years in business, Pier1, which employs more than 20,000 associates in 49 states and Canada, was managing schedules using a mix of pen, paper, Excel and Access.

  • Nipro Glass Americas

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce Workforce Management

    NGA's plants are not only physically separated, but each facility employs workforces with different scheduling requirements. Separate compliance and other organizational requirements (including two plants that have unions and two that have bargaining units) must be accounted for in the payroll and time and attendance solution.

  • Aéropostale

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce Time and Attendance

    At the heart of the company's brand are its store-level associates, the vast majority of which are teenagers newly eligible for the labour force. Julie Sedlock, group VP of Store Operations at Aéropostale, says that while happy, responsible teenage store associates are the company's brand representatives, the employment of thousands of them across multiple state and jurisdictions creates unique challenges for the company's labour scheduling efforts.

  • Farm Credit Foundations

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Ceridian HR/Payroll Latitude, Ceridian Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics

    FC Foundations manages payroll and administers health benefits for nearly 50 Farm Credit Associations, i.e., "client members," in the United States.

  • City of Tillsonburg

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: HR Advisory Services

    When Kelley Coulter joined the Tillsonburg Town Council as Chief Administrative Officer in 2009, the municipality was managing HR-related legal issues using a combination of in-house expertise and several third party lawyers.

  • Transgenomic

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: Multinational Payroll

    After expanding into Europe, the company decided it wanted a single provider that could manage its combined payrolls, rather than deal with separate providers in each country.

  • Aviva

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: Managed Payroll & HR Administration, HR/Payroll Latitude, Employee Assistance Program

    Our company [Aviva] was experiencing significant growth. We had signed some major marketplace deals such as President's Choice Financial Services and we were expecting our employee base to grow 12% the following year.

  • General Dynamics Land Systems Canada

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: Managed Payroll & HR Administration, Ceridian Insync / Ceridian Insync Report Writer, Online Pay Statements powered by epost

    GDLS-Canada has more than 1,400 highly skilled employees - both salaried and CAW-represented hourly employees who manufacture and service their unique products.

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