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  • 2018 Payroll & HR Information Guide

    Ceridian's Payroll & HR Information Guide is designed to help you stay on top of important legislative information, updates, and reporting deadlines you need to be aware of, to avoid fines and penalties that can occur if you're not careful.

  • Canadian Compliance Survival Guide: Keeping Track of Changing Legislation

    With an onslaught of changes to provincial and federal legislation, now is the time to take steps to bring your policies, procedures and operating practices into compliance. This comprehensive guide will provide helpful tips to prepare your organization for changing Canadian legislation in 2018 and beyond.

  • A Guide to Mastering Year-end Payroll

    Year-end -- it's something many of us dread. Getting all your paperwork in order and meeting complex payroll and compliance obligations can be a very challenging process to manage. Don't panic! The key is preparation. Download our guide for tips and tricks to help you plan for a successful and stress-free Year-end.

  • Payroll Audit Survival Guide

    You don't need to panic when an auditor comes knocking. The audit process itself isn't as scary as you might think, and with regular upkeep of your books and payroll, it can be a relatively painless experience. Download our guide for tips and tricks to survive an audit, and for making your life easier should the government come calling.

  • Small Business Start-up Guide

    Whether you're thinking about starting your own business or have recently launched a new company, our Small Business Start-up Guide has all the information you need to start and grow a small business in Canada. Download our guide and start building your small business today.

  • Small Business Guide: 3 Best Practices to Protect Your Small Business

    If you want to ensure your small business thrives for generations to come, you need to start planning for the future today. But where do you start? Read our Small Business guide, Three Best Practices to Protect Your Small Business.

  • Ceridian Customer Year-End Guides

    Ceridian customers can benefit from important Year-End information in comprehensive Year-End guides.

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