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  • How to Retain Top-Performing Employees: Ceridian's Pulse of Talent survey

    Learn how you can ensure high-performing employees stay with your company, and create a culture where they thrive.

  • Ventana Research: The State of Workforce Management

    Download this research by Ventana Research to better uunderstand workforce management systems, practices, needs and potential benefits.

  • Rubio's Coastal Grill Cooks up a Better Onboarding Process

    Learn how the growing fast-service national restaurant chain streamlined the employee onboarding experience and said farewell to manual paper-based processes.

  • Shore Hotel Delivers 24/7, Five-Star Service

    Read how thanks to Dayforce HCM, this boutique hotel in Santa Monica is able to manage staff around the clock.

  • The Houston Texans Score a Touchdown with Dayforce

    Learn how an NFL team with a diverse workforce – from office staff to football players – manages payroll and HR, whether at home or on the road.

  • Dayforce Learning

    Harness the power of Dayforce HCM to continuously engage, empower and develop your workforce.

  • Modern Analytics Technology Helps Organizations Make Better Decisions

    In this report, Brandon Hall Group concludes that with proper mindset and tools, data analytics technology can help organizations make better decisions.

  • Forrester's Analysis Reveals Dayforce HCM Generated Over $3 Million in Benefits for A Large Manufacturer

    Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact analysis of a large US-based manufacturer who uses Dayforce HCM to manage its Payroll and workforce management HR processes. Learn how because of Dayforce HCM, the organization realized $3.1 million in economic benefit and a payback period of less than one year.

  • Global Solutions: UK Payroll

    Learn how Dayforce payroll for UK provides companies a single, convenient and easy to use solution to manage their payroll processing needs.

  • Payroll Audit Survival Guide

    You don't need to panic when an auditor comes knocking. The audit process itself isn't as scary as you might think, and with regular upkeep of your books and payroll, it can be a relatively painless experience. Download our guide for tips and tricks to survive an audit, and for making your life easier should the government come calling.

  • Five Best Practices for Optimizing Payroll

    Get on demand access to industry expert Mark Smith, Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research to learn the five best practices for optimizing your organization’s payroll technology.

  • National Payroll Week: 5 Quick Facts About Payroll

    Getting paid is awesome – and National Payroll Week celebrates the crucial role Canada’s payroll professionals play in ensuring that $928 billion in annual wages and benefits are paid to employees. Here, some quick payroll facts.

  • Top Compliance Issues Every Canadian Employer Should Know – September 2017 Update

    Aware of Canada's changing legislative landscape but unable to delve into the details? Your role as an employer is to monitor legislation, communicate changes and determine organizational impacts. Join Ceridian's Lyndee Patterson, Sr. Compliance Counsel, and Jayson Saba, VP Market Research as they discuss recent and upcoming legislative changes across Canada and highlight areas of compliance risk.

  • Nucleus Research HCM Technology Value Matrix 2017

    In its 2017 Technology Value Matrix for Human Capital Management (HCM), Nucleus Research places Ceridian's Dayforce HCM application strongly in the Leadership quadrant ahead of all vendors in BOTH Usability and Functionality, for the second consecutive year. Nucleus declares "Ceridian has placed as the leading Leader" and that Dayforce is a great fit for companies of all sizes. Read the entire analysis of the Human Capital Management landscape from Nucleus Research.

  • Dayforce HCM Modules & Features

    Learn more about the modules & features available within the Dayforce HCM application – a great place to see what all Dayforce HCM has to offer.

  • How to Save Time and Money with Workforce Management

    Watch this webcast to hear industry experts discuss how employers can maximize return on investment (ROI) by understanding and leveraging the power of Workforce Management (WFM). From improving performance to aligning your workforce to your corporate goals, you will learn about the critical intangibles WFM also has to offer.

  • Nucleus ROI Case Study: Rubio's Coastal Grill sees nearly 150% ROI from Dayforce HCM

    Rubio's Coastal Grill chose Ceridian Dayforce HCM to transform its manual HR and talent processes with a solution that supports its fast-growing expansion. Nucleus Research reports on how Dayforce enabled Rubio's to reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and more.

  • Small Business Start-up Guide

    Whether you're thinking about starting your own business or have recently launched a new company, our Small Business Start-up Guide has all the information you need to start and grow a small business in Canada. Download our guide and start building your small business today.

  • Dayforce Time & Attendance for Powerpay

    For small business owners, managing your workforce can be complicated and take up valuable time, which could be spent focusing on your core business operations. Add Dayforce Time & Attendance to your Powerpay solution to automate many of the most time-consuming Time & Attendance and HR processes.

  • How to Avoid Top Performer Flight Risk

    Listen to this recorded webcast to find out how predictive analytics can help you retain top performers, and other innovative ways leading organizations are using predictive analytics for succession and compensation planning.

  • Ceridian Advances to Graduate Studies in Human Capital Management (HCM)

    Nucleus Research Graduate Studies HCM ThumbnailIn this Nucleus Research note, the analyst provides an update on functionality available within the Dayforce application including compensation, predictive analytics and learning.

  • Blue Man Group Conquers Creative Chaos

    Read how Blue Man Group benefits from Dayforce HCM to consolidate tasks such as payroll, timekeeping, and scheduling, into a single centralized human capital management system.

  • Small Business Guide: 3 Best Practices to Protect Your Small Business

    If you want to ensure your small business thrives for generations to come, you need to start planning for the future today. But where do you start? Read our Small Business guide, Three Best Practices to Protect Your Small Business.

  • Setting the Stage with Blue Man Group

    See How Dayforce HCM Helps Blue Man GroupThe Blue Man Group's shows are world famous and their iconic performers are instantly recognizable. With Dayforce HCM, their people, teams, and processes are now as visible to their management and leaders internally as their shows and performers are externally.

  • Nucleus ROI Case Study: E & H Family Group sees 216% ROI from implementing Dayforce HCM

    The E&H Family Group deployed Ceridian’s Dayforce human capital management (HCM) solution to replace an on-premise legacy program with a single source cloud solution. Nucleus found that the Dayforce solution provided the E&H Family Group with an end-to-end cloud solution that eliminated costs associated with the legacy program, improved strategic decision making, and increased efficiencies. The result yielded over 200% in annual ROI and a payback period of 4 months.

  • How to Grow Leaders From Within

    As baby boomers exit the workforce, many leaders find they are struggling to fill skill gaps. Listen to this recorded webinar with The Aberdeen Group to hear how best-in-class organizations are grooming internal talent for management roles.

  • Trends, Tools and Techniques Impacting Compensation Management

    Keep on top of what’s happening in the field of Compensation Management.

  • Dayforce Predictive Analytics

    Learn how Dayforce HCM Predictive Analytics transforms big data into predictive outcomes to help leaders make better business decisions.

  • Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix 2017 Workforce Management (WFM)

    In their recent Technology Value Matrix for the first half of 2017, Nucleus Research places the workforce management functionality of Ceridian's Dayforce HCM application strongly in the Leadership quadrant.

  • Leading the Pack or Lagging Behind: How Advanced is Your HCM Technology?

    All technologies pass through a lifecycle as they mature. In this recorded webcast, you'll hear about Ceridian's market research into what drives technology maturity for human capital management in organizations around the world. You'll learn about adoption of HCM solutions, integration, data accuracy, mobile access and more.

  • President Trump's First 100 Days: Staying Ahead of the 2017 Compliance Curve

    The first 100 days of the Trump Administration herald major compliance change for employers. See the on-demand webcast to hear from Jim O'Connell, Ceridian Executive Consultant based in Washington, DC. He will share tips on how changes from President Trump's first 100 days will potentially impact your organization.

  • 2017 Payroll & HR Calendar

    Ceridian's Payroll & HR Calendar is designed to help you stay on top of important legislative information, updates, and reporting deadlines you need to be aware of, to avoid fines and penalties that can occur if you're not careful.

  • Experience the Power, Process & ROI of Using Dayforce Education

    Hear from Renee McQuinn, Payroll Manager at Sendik's Food Market as she discusses how Dayforce Mypath helped to simplify the user training process, ensure consistent content and save money and time with training their managers.

  • Dayforce Compensation Management

    Learn how Dayforce Compensation Management enables front line managers with information, guidelines, and tools to make better compensation decisions.

  • Who is Responsible for Compliance? How Dayforce HCM Assists with Managing Compliance Obligations

    This infographic provides clarification on how Ceridian fits into the picture of compliance obligations versus what our customers are responsible for.

  • Ventana Research Workforce Management Value Index 2017

    Ventana WFM Value Index 137Ventana Research ranks Ceridian's Dayforce application as the leader in both Usability and Capability. Dayforce was the only application to rank in the top three in all seven categories including Manageability, Reliability and ROI.

  • HCM Shopping List for Retailers

    To help you succeed, your human capital management (HCM) solution needs to keep up. So when looking for a new HCM solution, you need to keep every employee’s shopping list in mind.

  • Learn HR Secrets from Best-in-Class Companies

    HR Secrets of Best-in-Class CompaniesWhat do best-in-class organizations define as essential in the development of their human capital management (HCM) ecosystems? Hear from Aberdeen Group and ClubFit as they discuss how leaders are able to maximize business performance while maintaining high levels of employee engagement and retention.

  • Transact or Transform? Take HR to the Strategic

    Get a better understanding of how cloud technology is transforming the HR function and enabling it to drive and validate business outcomes in this recorded webcast featuring Paul Hamerman, Vice President, Forrester Research, and Davetta Rinehart, Human Resources Officer, Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA as they explore how leading organizations are becoming more strategic about HR by leveraging enterprise-grade Human Capital Management (HCM) technology.

  • Nucleus Research Benefits Case Study: Dayforce HCM at Creative Solutions in Health Care

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    According to Nucleus Research, healthcare provider Creative Solutions saw a number of benefits from their use of Dayforce HCM, including transparency, control, increased productivity and improved technology management.

  • Uncover 6 ½ HR Habits to Help You Stand Out

    Embark on a path to HR success! Discover HR habits that will help you hone your skills and maximize your contributions to the organization.

  • Riding the Cs of Change - Communication

    Learn to embrace change with these principles of communicating during transitions.

  • Ready, Set, Engage. 6 Ways to Drive Engagement

    Boost employee engagement with insights on how to use technology to positively influence employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and productivity.

  • How to Give Performance Feedback Employees Want...and Need

    Unlock the true value of performance feedback with our tips on how to handle performance issues, ways to guide top performers and everything in between.

  • Duncan Craig LLP Lawyers Mediators –Streamlining Workflows and Reducing Labour Costs with Dayforce Go

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Read on to learn how Duncan Craig streamlined workflows and reduced labour costs with Dayforce Go.

  • Ceridian Named a Leader in Talent Management by Nucleus Research in 2016 Talent Management Technology Value Matrix

    In its 2016 Technology Value Matrix for Talent Management, Nucleus Research placed Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM solution in the leader quadrant. Nucleus also reports that the talent function is becoming a shared responsibility between HR and line of business. This partnership is driving talent management technology providers to improve the user experience to facilitate employee-manager communications without the need to rely on HR.

  • Dayforce Tuff

    Dayforce Onboarding enables organizations to manage onboarding needs for new hires, promotions and internal transboarding.

  • Disability Resource Provider Develops Engaging Content to Train Staff on Dayforce HCM

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    To help their staff in the transition over to Dayforce HCM, North Shore Disability Resource Centre leveraged the Dayforce Education Essentials material that is included to build engaging content.

  • Club Fit Builds Training Program with Dayforce Live Membership and MyPath

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    By making content easily accessible and available 24/7 online, Club Fit was able to provide a seamless transition over to Dayforce HCM.

  • 11 CFO Tips Every HR Pro Should Know

    HR professionals must be able to speak the language of business, specifically a language focused on the organization's bottom line. Think more like a CFO with 11 tips on how to justify HR programs and connect your initiatives to the organization's bottom line.

  • Connect - Insights for HR Leaders

    Connect - Insights for HR Leaders Summer 2016 Connect magazine offers HR leaders insights into talent management, key drivers of employee engagement and the business value of building better teams.

  • Ceridian Recognized as a Leader in the 2016 Payroll Services Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Fifth Consecutive Year

    In the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Payroll Services, trusted analyst Gartner evaluates the capabilities of eight providers of payroll services in the respective quadrants based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute. Ceridian is recognized as a leader for the fifth consecutive year.

  • Dayforce HCM: Medical Imaging Consultants Efficiently Manages Their Workforce

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    As a scalable solution that could easily be adapted across 12 clinics, Medical Imaging Consultants implemented Dayforce HCM, a single cloud-based HCM application to efficiently manage their workforce.

  • Nucleus Research Reports 239% ROI for Global Brass & Copper from Dayforce HCM

    Global Brass and Copper forged 239% return on investment when they implemented Dayforce HCM to transform human capital management for 1900 employees.

  • Dayforce Onboarding

    Dayforce Onboarding enables organizations to manage onboarding needs for new hires, promotions and internal transboarding.

  • Address HR and Payroll Challenges with a Single HCM Application

    While integration is one way of solving the HR technology problem, a single application requiring no integration to address numerous HR areas is the best option.

  • North Shore Disability Resource Centre

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Read this case study to learn how the great feature set of Dayforce HCM helped the Director of HR at North Shore Disability reduce the need for ongoing training and see the impact of scheduling changes as they are being made with it's real-time capabilities.

  • Journal Media Group Deploys a Customized Dayforce Education Solution

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Learn how Journal Media Group was able to deploy a comprehensive education program that was uniquely tailored to meet the specific requirements of their business.

  • Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd Achieves Efficiency in Human Capital Management

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Looking to streamline human capital management, Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd. implements Dayforce HCM to modernize their Payroll, Benefits and HR processes.

  • Hawaii National Bank Enters New Era of Human Capital Management

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    After having implemented Dayforce HCM, Hawaii National Bank's HCM processes (Payroll, Benefits, Time & Attendance, HR and Self-Service) were consolidated into one cloud-based solution.

  • Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix 2016 Workforce Management (WFM)

    In their recent Technology Value Matrix for the first half of 2016, Nucleus Research places Ceridian and our Dayforce HCM application as the leader in workforce management.

  • Driving Culture in the World of Now

    This Pulse of Talent study reveals how culture enhances work life experience. When a company’s culture is aligned with its values, it attracts those who feel comfortable in that culture. This helps companies to motivate people and achieve a higher level of employee engagement and therefore performance.

  • Driving Culture in the World of Now

    Trying to improve culture in your organization? Check out this infographic based on Ceridian's recent Pulse of Talent study to discover how learning, recognition, flexibility & collaboration contribute to culture.

  • Now's the Time to Think Beyond Just your Payroll Solution

    Technology is transforming the way SMBs operate. Where they may have struggled with manual processes for managing their labor force, complying with ever-changing government regulations, and finding and retaining top talent, they can now turn to technological solutions to automate these processes.

  • Seven Fears Preventing you from Moving to the Cloud

    In the world of HR, few advancements have received as much hype as the development of cloud technology. Industry experts laud the benefits of cloud solutions, citing ease of use, timely updates and better integration. While exciting, moving to the cloud can be daunting. Discover how to overcome the top seven fears of making the switch.

  • How Allied Properties Reit Evolved into One Single Real-time HCM Solution

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Allied is now utilizing Dayforce HCM throughout the entire business. Immediately, Allied streamlined processes through automation and reduced time spent on administrative tasks – by 100% in some instances.

  • PSK Supermarkets Streamline Payroll, Time & Attendance with Dayforce HCM

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Regional grocer PSK Supermarkets streamlined payroll processing and workforce management with Dayforce HCM.

  • Nucleus Research: Anatomy of a Decision for Dayforce HCM

    In this report, Nucleus Research analyzed the experience of organizations who had evaluated against a range of human capital management competitors, including Ceridian's own heritage solutions.

  • Nucleus Research ROI Case Study: Manufacturer ACCO Brands Sees ROI from Dayforce HCM Payroll and Human Resources

    Human Capital Management To replace a human resource outsourcing (HRO) solution that left the employer without control over an error-prone HR process, ACCO Brands deployed Ceridian Dayforce for payroll and to establish a human resource information system (HRIS).

  • ACCO Successfully Transforms its HCM Model

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    By transitioning over to Dayforce HCM, learn how ACCO was able to streamline all their Payroll, Self-Service, and HR needs with one highly-configurable cloud-based solution.

  • Peto MacCallum Achieves Productivity Gains

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    As one of Canadian's most reputable consulting engineering firms, Peto MacCallum Ltd. was relying on time consuming manual processes and dependent on a plethora of paperwork. Learn how Dayforce HCM was able to deliver the visibility and accessibility that Peto MacCallum needed surrounding their human capital.

  • Forrester Reports on Total Economic Impact of Cloud Human Capital Management Application Dayforce HCM

    Download this exclusive report for the details on how a single application for HR, Payroll, and Workforce Management resulted in $2 million dollars of savings.

  • Dayforce HCM: Movado Company Describes the Key to Workforce Management Project Success

    President David Phalen says the key to success for Movado Company Store's workforce management (WFM) project is optimizing the labor-to-sales ratio.

  • Measuring HR: Moving Beyond Number Crunching

    Sponsored by Ceridian and prepared by CFERF, the research arm of FEI Canada, this HR study explored the relationship between Finance and HR and how HR analytics are viewed and leveraged within organizations.

  • Is Finance Keeping Up With HR Analytics?

    Is Finance keeping up with HR analytics? 64% of surveyed financial executives did not use HR analytics, or its use was sporadic. Where do you stack up?

  • Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc.

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    Learn how Global Brass and Copper implemented Dayforce HCM, a single application to cover payroll, workforce management, tax and benefits.

  • Prairie Gold

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce Go

    Prairie Gold Produce, a Canadian producer of fresh pack potatoes and dehydrated potato granules, was using outdated, separate Payroll and HR systems, which caused duplicate data entries and payroll errors. Learn how switching to Dayforce Go, a cloud-based application for managing payroll, time and attendance, HR and benefits, helped them streamline processes, improve accuracy, and enable compliance.

  • A Buyer's Guide to Selecting Payroll & HR Software

    Moving on-premises payroll to a cloud delivery model usually offers immediate advantages. However, your HR and IT managers evaluating the various options must also understand the pros and cons, because cloud payroll decisions can have major impacts beyond the payroll function. Download our infographic for a guide to selecting Payroll and HR software.

  • 3 Ways to Tell Your Business Has Outgrown Its Payroll & HR System

    For any owner of a small or medium-sized business that’s looking to add new staff members and grow steadily in size and scope, it’s important to have the right solution in place for processing payroll and other human capital management.

  • Measuring HR: What Matters to Financial Executives

    What do financial executives think about HR’s value? Download our infographic to see what they measure.

  • Sendik's Food Market Case Study Controlling Labor Costs Effectively with Dayforce HCM

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    By combining functionality in Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Management, HR and Tax into one single application, Sendik's was able to have greater control in managing their labor costs.

  • Forrester Total Economic Impact Analysis Reveals Dayforce HCM Enabled Better HR Productivity While Reducing Process Costs

    Download this exclusive report for the details on how a single, cloud-based human capital management application transformed HR and Payroll processes for Rush Fitness. You’ll read about an amazing ROI of 158% and a payback period of just one year!

  • Nucleus Research Note - Ceridian Expands From the Epicenter of HCM

    Since acquiring Dayforce, Ceridian has methodically cultivated breadth, functionality, and usability in the company’s technology for human capital management (HCM).

  • Nucleus Research Note - Ceridian Dayforce ConnectedPay Launched

    The release of Dayforce ConnectedPay gives customers, particularly multi-national customers, a single payroll record system for monitoring and processing workforce data for payroll provisions and labor cost analysis. Customers using the new module can reduce the cost of global payroll and reduce global data anomalies and errors that can lead to cost overages and non-compliance risks at the local level.

  • Pinnacle Caterers Case Study Dayforce HCM: Providing Visibility Where Managers Need It Most

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    The complete integration of WFM and Payroll provides real-time key performance indicators that encourage managers to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

  • Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA Returns Focus to Members After Implementing Dayforce HCM

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    With sixteen locations in Virginia, the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA faced multiple HR and Payroll challenges. When the YMCA community centers implemented Dayforce HCM, a single cloud-based application for human resources, workforce management, payroll and benefits, they reaped the following rewards...

  • Measuring HR: What CFOs Need to Know

    The Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation (CFERF), the research arm of FEI Canada, conducted a study with financial executives to understand their views on the relative importance of key HR benchmarks and ratios. Download this report to find out more about the key findings from this study.

  • Nucleus Research ROI Case Study – Grocery Retailer PSK Supermarkets

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce HCM

    For grocery retailers, operating margins are typically only a couple of percent. The Nucleus Research ROI Case Study for PSK Supermarkets, operating under the Foodtown and Freshtown brands, validates how workforce management with Dayforce HCM has increased margin every pay period by an average of more than 50 basis points.

  • Pier 1 Imports

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce Workforce Management

    For its first 49 years in business, Pier1, which employs more than 20,000 associates in 49 states and Canada, was managing schedules using a mix of pen, paper, Excel and Access. After an evaluation of the competitive workforce management (WFM) solution provider landscape, Pier 1 chose a hosted WFM suite from Dayforce that includes labour scheduling, time and attendance, task management, and employee self-service.

  • Nipro Glass Americas

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce Workforce Management

    NGA's plants are not only physically separated, but each facility employs workforces with different scheduling requirements. Separate compliance and other organizational requirements (including two plants that have unions and two that have bargaining units) must be accounted for in the payroll and time and attendance solution. Ceridian’s integrated, software-as-a-service (saas) workforce management and payroll solutions enabled the manufacturer to implement a comprehensive solution in the cloud.

  • Aéropostale

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Dayforce Time and Attendance

    At the heart of the company's brand are its store-level associates, the vast majority of which are teenagers newly eligible for the labour force. Julie Sedlock, group VP of Store Operations at Aéropostale, says that while happy, responsible teenage store associates are the company's brand representatives, the employment of thousands of them across multiple state and jurisdictions creates unique challenges for the company's labor scheduling efforts. Find out how the implementation of Dayforce HCM help them to address these challenges.

  • Top HCM Issues – HR Tech Survey

    View the results from 284 HR, IT and Finance professionals who responded to a variety of questions on Human Capital Management (HCM).

  • The Need for an Agile Approach to Human Capital Management

    The need for an agile approach to human capital management is clear. Insights from Ceridian's 3rd annual Pulse of Talent Survey demonstrates the pivotal role technology plays in influencing employee satisfaction and improving productivity and output.

  • Nucleus Research Reports Guitar Center Reaps Over 1000% ROI from Dayforce HCM

    In a recent case study, analyst firm Nucleus Research revealed that when retailer Guitar Center adopted award-winning Ceridian Dayforce HCM, they saw a return on investment of over 1000%.

  • Ventana Research Workforce Management Value Index 2014

    Ventana Research WFM Ventana Research identifies Ceridian as a Hot Vendor based on the usability and functionality of Dayforce HCM. Read the report to find out why.

  • Nucleus Research M86: Five Reasons Workforce Management is Better in the Cloud

    Cloud-based workforce management solutions were featured in the July 2012 edition of Nucleus Research.

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