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  • A Guide to Mastering Year-end Payroll

    Year-end -- it's something many of us dread. Getting all your paperwork in order and meeting complex payroll and compliance obligations can be a very challenging process to manage. Don't panic! The key is preparation. Download our guide for tips and tricks to help you plan for a successful and stress-free Year-end.

  • Global Solutions: UK Payroll

    Learn how Dayforce payroll for UK provides companies a single, convenient and easy to use solution to manage their payroll processing needs.

  • Payroll Audit Survival Guide

    You don't need to panic when an auditor comes knocking. The audit process itself isn't as scary as you might think, and with regular upkeep of your books and payroll, it can be a relatively painless experience. Download our guide for tips and tricks to survive an audit, and for making your life easier should the government come calling.

  • Five Best Practices for Optimizing Payroll

    Get on demand access to industry expert Mark Smith, Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research to learn the five best practices for optimizing your organization’s payroll technology.

  • National Payroll Week: 5 Quick Facts About Payroll

    Getting paid is awesome – and National Payroll Week celebrates the crucial role Canada’s payroll professionals play in ensuring that $928 billion in annual wages and benefits are paid to employees. Here, some quick payroll facts.

  • Small Business Start-up Guide

    Whether you're thinking about starting your own business or have recently launched a new company, our Small Business Start-up Guide has all the information you need to start and grow a small business in Canada. Download our guide and start building your small business today.

  • Powerpay: Cloud Payroll Solution for Small Business

    Accurate, Reliable, Flexible – Powerpay is a cloud payroll solution for small businesses. Its many features are all designed to help put valuable time back in the day. Focus on your business, not on your payroll. Watch this video to find out more.

  • Powerpay Self Service

    Powerpay Self Service provides pay, tax and personal information directly to your employees, so that you or your payroll administrator can spend more time focusing on other business priorities and less time on answering pay related questions. Since the data is hosted in the cloud, you and your employees can access Powerpay Self Service at any time, from anywhere, using any device.

  • 2017 Payroll & HR Calendar

    Ceridian's Payroll & HR Calendar is designed to help you stay on top of important legislative information, updates, and reporting deadlines you need to be aware of, to avoid fines and penalties that can occur if you're not careful.

  • Jackman Community Daycare

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Powerpay

    Focusing on a safe learning environment for children became easier when the administrative burden of compliantly paying employees was automated with Powerpay.

  • Chinook Bowling Management

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Powerpay

    Discover how the owner and general manager of this community entertainment site was able to efficiently and compliantly pay her part-time staff.

  • Now's the Time to Think Beyond Just your Payroll Solution

    Technology is transforming the way SMBs operate. Where they may have struggled with manual processes for managing their labor force, complying with ever-changing government regulations, and finding and retaining top talent, they can now turn to technological solutions to automate these processes.

  • Nucleus Research ROI Case Study: Manufacturer ACCO Brands Sees ROI from Dayforce HCM Payroll and Human Resources

    Human Capital Management To replace a human resource outsourcing (HRO) solution that left the employer without control over an error-prone HR process, ACCO Brands deployed Ceridian Dayforce for payroll and to establish a human resource information system (HRIS).

  • Falling Behind on Regulations Can Be Costly

    This webcast focuses on two main topics: 1) The definition of “Overtime” and the decisions made within a real-life case study, and 2) How to mitigate against the risk of unpaid overtime pay. Watch the webinar now.

  • Avoid the D.I.Y. Approach - Three Benefits of Outsourcing your Payroll Function

    Increasing compliance burdens, long work weeks and manual account reconciliation don't have to be the norm.

  • Four Simple Steps to Ease the Pain at Tax Time

    If your office is full of paperwork and pressure is on to meet tax time deadlines, this article is for you!

  • 5 Reasons Why Conducting a Payroll Audit Makes Sense

    If you have ever conducted an internal audit at your company you know it can be tedious and time consuming.

  • Alberta Utilities Commission

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Managed Payroll Services, Ceridian Online Pay Statements & Tax Forms

    The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) is a long-time partner of Ceridian. For many years, the company utilized Ceridian's convenient Powerpay solution which allowed them to administer payroll internally, while Ceridian handled the processing.

  • Morrison Hershfield

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: Managed Payroll Solutions, International Payroll Services

    In 2007, the Financial Services team at Morrison Hershfield, created a wish list that would address the company's payroll pain points.

  • Checklist for Selecting a Global Payroll Provider

    When it comes to selecting an international payroll provider, doing your homework ahead of time can help prevent headaches down the road. Below is a checklist of things to consider when selecting a payroll provider for your multinational organization.

  • Top 5 Payroll Practices for Multinational Organizations

    Read this article and learn how multinational organizations face even greater challenges when it comes to paying employees because of the increased complexity.

  • Bottom Line Incentives for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Payroll Services

    Learn how a fully outsourced payroll solution can benefit your business in this whitepaper highlighting bottom line incentives for business process outsourcing (BPO) services and payroll best practices.

  • Aligning the Retail Workforce with Unrealized Sales Opportunities

    Many successful retailers use workforce management solutions to improve store management and profitability by leveraging day-to-day store data. Download this whitepaper to find out more.

  • Payroll Project Management: Ensuring Year-End Success

    By adopting a project-management approach for managing payroll processes, you can weather the storms of payroll project management and breeze right into a successful new year. Review these payroll best practices and successfully manage year-end payroll.

  • Nucleus Research Note - Ceridian Dayforce ConnectedPay Launched

    Dayforce ConnectedPay Nucleus The release gives customers, particularly multi-national customers, a single payroll record system for monitoring and processing workforce data for payroll provisions and labor cost analysis. Customers using the new module can reduce the cost of global payroll and reduce global data anomalies and errors that can lead to cost overages and non-compliance risks at the local level.

  • Dashboard: Using HR Analytics

    View this infographic to see what is driving investments in HR analytics/dashboards.

  • The Value of Delivering Agile Business Intelligence

    Your HR and Payroll departments have long been brimming with rich data about your people. Until recent years, organizations did not have easy ways to make connections between separate silos of data in a timely manner. Thankfully, today’s Business Intelligence tools are changing the game for businesses when it comes to people-driven data.

  • Keeping Pension Payroll Simple, Economical and Compliant

    With the responsibility for managing the paying of pensioners expected to grow as the baby-boom generation retires, this executive brief provides valuable insight on what organizations can do today to keep their pension payroll simple, economical and compliant and allow their HR and pay professionals to focus on core responsibilities and strategic objectives.

  • Keeping Pension Payroll Simple, Economical and Compliant

    This infographic provides valuable insight on what organizations can do today to keep their pension payroll simple, economical and compliant and allow their HR and pay professionals to focus on core responsibilities and strategic objectives.

  • Top 10 Principles of Privacy for Payroll & HR Information

    Ensuring Payroll and HR information remains private and confidential is a best practice for businesses of all sizes in every industry. These Top 10 Privacy Principles are an excellent starting point for your business to implement best practices.

  • The First Step to Productivity Gains: Examine HR Processes

    In a recent Towers Watson survey, nearly half of the organizations reported that they intend to change their HR structure either this year or next. Business leaders who commit to such changes are motivated to increase productivity — but they struggle to create efficiencies within HR, where existing processes can be especially convoluted.

  • Small Business – Consider Compliance

    Small business owners are faced with numerous regulations that govern their day-today operations. One of the biggest challenges of owning a small business, besides wearing multiple hats and trying to find more hours in the day, is staying compliant with government rules and regulations. While small business owners are passionate about their business, they may not feel the same way about regulation and can often feel overwhelmed with the thought of staying compliant.

  • Ceridian for Small Business

    Ceridian for Small Business takes the administrative pain out of paying and managing your people and makes it easy.

  • CV Studio

    Learn how CV Studio partnership with Ceridian allowed them to remove boxed-software limitations, simplify payroll and remain compliant.

  • Enviro Tree Care

    Hear how Ceridian helped Enviro Tree Care take the pain out of payroll with professional advice and convenient mobile payroll.

  • Dayforce HCM: Ellesmere X-Ray Modernized Time & Attendance and Payroll Processing with a Single Application

    Learn how Ceridian helped Ellesmere X-Ray Associates modernize their practice with a single application for payroll, time and attendance and scheduling.

  • Abbeylawn Manor Retirement Home Video Testimonial

    Learn how Abbeylawn Manor Retirement Home's partnership with Ceridian allowed them to find an effective HR solution to deal with labour issues, have confidence in their HR practices, and get back to what they do best –offering retirement care to residents.

  • Mobile Technologies and Payroll? You Bet!

    Industry analysts predicted that mobile enterprise applications would be one of the biggest business trends in recent years as organizations looked for new ways to streamline operations and stay ahead of rivals. The reality is that mobile enterprise apps could change the way companies do business – and that includes managing payroll.

  • Future of Payroll

    Only ten years ago, web-enabled payroll solutions were a payroll game-changing innovation. And today, biometrics, payroll on-demand, web-based applications and analytics are upon us. That's how fast the world of payroll has changed and how far it has come. In order to anticipate the pace and nature of the changes still to come, it's critical to understand the three major trends shaping the future of payroll.

  • Freedom from Payroll: The Advantages Managed Payroll Brings to your Small Business

    Outsourced payroll solutions for smaller businesses are affordable and developed with scalable options, thorough service level agreements, privacy safeguards and a host of value-added payroll/HR management services to make your payroll and staffing processes run like a dream. Download our whitepaper to find out more.

  • Paperless Payroll: Going Green to Save Time and Cut Costs

    From the home office to the corporate boardroom, Canadian businesses are looking for ways to help the environment without hurting their bottom line. Increasingly, they are choosing paperless payroll as an easy, risk-free solution. Find out more.

  • Knowing When to Automate and Upgrade your Payroll Processing

    In recent years, leading vendors have developed payroll solutions designed to meet the varying needs for businesses of all sizes. Read our whitepaper to know when is the best time to automate and upgrade your payroll processing.

  • Ceridian's Managed Payroll Services = Bottom Line Advantages for your Business

    The daily payroll demands of large and small businesses need constant and consistent management. Add to this, the ongoing turnover of your employees with the increasing complexity of government regulation, and you have all the reasons required to outsource your payroll processing to Ceridian.

  • Ventana Research Payroll Management Value Index 2015

    Ventana Research Value Index 2015 Ventana Research identifies Ceridian as a Hot Vendor based on the usability and functionality of payroll capabilities of Dayforce HCM. According to Ventana...

  • Farm Credit Foundations

    Ceridian Solution Implemented: Ceridian HR/Payroll Latitude, Ceridian Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics

    FC Foundations manages payroll and administers health benefits for nearly 50 Farm Credit Associations, i.e., "client members," in the United States.

  • Transgenomic

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: Multinational Payroll

    After expanding into Europe, the company decided it wanted a single provider that could manage its combined payrolls, rather than deal with separate providers in each country.

  • Are you Canada Ready?

    This handy reference guide for American business owners contains strategic tips to minimize risk and maximize return for U.S. businesses entering Canada. The guide provides a strong overview of the Canadian business landscape and the challenges that await – along with some advice on making the transition as painless as possible.

  • Paying your People in Canada

    This is an essential guide for U.S. human resources professionals managing employees north of the border. It offers U.S. managers excellent insight into international payroll solutions on the market today, covering: what to look for, what should be included, and how to select a good quality outsourced payroll partner you can trust.

  • Aviva

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: Managed Payroll & HR Administration, HR/Payroll Latitude, Employee Assistance Program

    Our company [Aviva] was experiencing significant growth. We had signed some major marketplace deals such as President's Choice Financial Services and we were expecting our employee base to grow 12% the following year.

  • General Dynamics Land Systems Canada

    Ceridian Solutions Implemented: Managed Payroll & HR Administration, Ceridian Insync / Ceridian Insync Report Writer, Online Pay Statements powered by epost

    GDLS-Canada has more than 1,400 highly skilled employees - both salaried and CAW-represented hourly employees who manufacture and service their unique products.

  • Managed Payroll Services: An HR Partnership that Pays Off

    When it comes to streamlining business functions in your organization, the question you often face is whether to keep tasks in-house, or outsource the ones that do not generate revenue or add value to core business initiatives. The answer is not so straightforward when it comes to human resource services.

  • Payroll Project Management: Ensuring Year-End Success

    Fazed by the whirlwind of year-end activities? By adopting a project-management approach for managing payroll processes, you can weather the storms of payroll project management and breeze right into a successful new year.

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