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  • 2017 Pulse of Talent Report

    How can you ensure high-performing employees stay with your company, and create a culture where they thrive? Ceridian partnered with Nielsen to poll North American employees and offers insight into this question that plagues managers and human resources personnel.

  • Connect - Insights for HR Leaders

    Connect - Insights for HR Leaders Summer 2016 Connect magazine offers HR leaders insights into talent management, key drivers of employee engagement and the business value of building better teams.

  • Driving Culture in the World of Now: 2016 Pulse of Talent Report

    This Pulse of Talent study reveals how culture enhances work life experience. When a company’s culture is aligned with its values, it attracts those who feel comfortable in that culture. This helps companies to motivate people and achieve a higher level of employee engagement and therefore performance.

  • Now's the Time to Think Beyond Just your Payroll Solution

    Technology is transforming the way SMBs operate. Where they may have struggled with manual processes for managing their labor force, complying with ever-changing government regulations, and finding and retaining top talent, they can now turn to technological solutions to automate these processes.

  • Measuring HR: Moving Beyond Number Crunching

    Sponsored by Ceridian and prepared by CFERF, the research arm of FEI Canada, this study explored the relationship between Finance and HR and how HR analytics are viewed and leveraged within organizations.

  • Employee Compensation: An Important Tool for Motivating Your Employees

    This report provides insights from Ceridian's 4th Annual Pulse of Talent Survey. Results indicate that Canadian companies could do more to organize their compensation policies and improve the ways in which those policies are communicated to employees.

  • Sound Recruitment Policies: The Foundation of a Talented and Engaged Workforce

    This report provides insights from Ceridian's 4th Annual Pulse of Talent Survey. The study shows that Canadian employers still have a lot to do in order to improve their recruitment processes. Developing the right policies in a couple of key recruitment areas can make a significant difference in ensuring the availability of a talented, productive and motivated work force.

  • Stop Hitting "Snooze" on Sleep Deficiency

    Canadian employees are simply not getting enough sleep, according to the results of a survey conducted by Ceridian: Why Canadian Workers are Losing Sleep. Download this report to read more about the sleep study results and recommendations.

  • Quebec small business owners share their thoughts on the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP)

    With the introduction of new legislation, it will be mandatory for many employers in Quebec to offer a workplace savings plan, such as a VRSP, to their employees. Most small business owners surveyed are supportive of this plan, especially since it can help attract and retain quality employees.

  • 7 Drivers for Building Employee Engagement: From Hire to Retire

    Insights provided by more than 800 working Canadians surveyed during Ceridian's 4th Annual Pulse of Talent Survey show that employee engagement is not optimal. Symptoms like high turnover rates and low productivity among the workforce clearly demonstrate the need to increase engagement.

  • Workplace Wake-Up Call: Pulling Back the Covers on Sleep Deficiency

    According to Ceridian’s Sleep Survey, Workplace Wake-Up Call: Pulling Back the Covers on Sleep Deficiency, more than 30% of HR leaders have personally witnessed or heard about a coworker falling asleep on the job – and that’s just in the past six months. Download this whitepaper to read more about Ceridian's Sleep Study, view survey results and recommendations, and uncover best practices for building an organizational culture that supports sleep health.

  • Measuring HR: What CFOs Need to Know

    The Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation (CFERF), the research arm of FEI Canada, conducted a study with financial executives to understand their views on the relative importance of key HR benchmarks and ratios. Download this report to find out more about the key findings from this study.

  • Bottom Line Incentives for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Payroll Services

    Learn how a fully outsourced payroll solution can benefit your business in this whitepaper highlighting bottom line incentives for business process outsourcing (BPO) services and payroll best practices.

  • Aligning the Retail Workforce with Unrealized Sales Opportunities

    Many successful retailers use workforce management solutions to improve store management and profitability by leveraging day-to-day store data. Download this whitepaper to find out more.

  • Payroll Project Management: Ensuring Year-End Success

    By adopting a project-management approach for managing payroll processes, you can weather the storms of payroll project management and breeze right into a successful new year. Review these payroll best practices and successfully manage year-end payroll.

  • The Value of Delivering Agile Business Intelligence

    Your HR and Payroll departments have long been brimming with rich data about your people. Until recent years, organizations did not have easy ways to make connections between separate silos of data in a timely manner. Thankfully, today’s Business Intelligence tools are changing the game for businesses when it comes to people-driven data.

  • Second Wind: The Evolving Nature of Retirement

    According to the data from Second Wind: The Evolving Nature of Retirement, a recent survey commissioned by Ceridian and CARP, more than half of mature workers want to continue working in some capacity after they reach the traditional age of retirement (age 65). Download this whitepaper to find out more about the evolving expectations and ambitions of Canadians eligible to retire.

  • The Next Generation of Integration: Talent Management and HRMS

    To stay competitive, many companies have been working hard to knit some talent management functions together to achieve partial results. However, it is proving to be a time and cost-consuming effort that can likely never deliver full-fledged functionality or results. Read our whitepaper to find out how fully-unified talent management and HR/ payroll solution can help reach your business goals.

  • Keeping Pension Payroll Simple, Economical and Compliant

    With the responsibility for managing the paying of pensioners expected to grow as the baby-boom generation retires, this executive brief provides valuable insight on what organizations can do today to keep their pension payroll simple, economical and compliant and allow their HR and pay professionals to focus on core responsibilities and strategic objectives.

  • Hiring Manager Best Practices – Proven Strategies to Help You Hire Top Performers

    If you want to sharpen your knowledge and skills in the recruitment arena, be sure to read our Hiring Manager Best Practices Guide. This downloadable PDF report will give you the core foundation, principles, and best practices – the tools you need to hire top performers.

  • Hiring Manager Best Practices – Candidate Evalution Guide

    This guide is intended to help you conduct more effective, successful interviews as explained in the whitepaper, Hiring Manager Best Practices: Proven Strategies to Help You Hire Top Performers.

  • The Need for an Agile Approach to Human Capital Management

    The need for an agile approach to human capital management is clear. Insights from Ceridian's 3rd annual Pulse of Talent Survey demonstrates the pivotal role technology plays in influencing employee satisfaction and improving productivity and output.

  • Are you Canada Ready?

    This handy reference guide for American business owners contains strategic tips to minimize risk and maximize return for U.S. businesses entering Canada. The guide provides a strong overview of the Canadian business landscape and the challenges that await – along with some advice on making the transition as painless as possible.

  • Paying your People in Canada

    This is an essential guide for U.S. human resources professionals managing employees north of the border. It offers U.S. managers excellent insight into international payroll solutions on the market today, covering: what to look for, what should be included, and how to select a good quality outsourced payroll partner you can trust.

  • Canadian Workplace Law – The Essentials

    The differences between U.S. and Canadian employment laws are quite significant. This white paper is a general overview designed to alert U.S. human resources practitioners, in-house counsel, and payroll practitioners to some of the key differences between Canadian and U.S. employment law, and to serve as a Canadian workplace law orientation tool.

  • The Impact of Recognition on Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction

    Employers want to encourage their employees to be productive and engaged but need to identify those methods that offer the largest return on investment. Ceridian’s 2nd Annual Pulse of Talent Survey results show employers what their employees are really thinking.

  • Retaining and Supporting Mature Workers

    Mature employees have a lot to offer their employers. Read this whitepaper to learn proven strategies on how to retain, increase engagement and mitigate changing risks of your mature workforce.

  • Freedom from Payroll: The Advantages Managed Payroll Brings to your Small Business

    Outsourced payroll solutions for smaller businesses are affordable and developed with scalable options, thorough service level agreements, privacy safeguards and a host of value-added payroll/HR management services to make your payroll and staffing processes run like a dream. Download our whitepaper to find out more.

  • Maximizing Millennial Talent: Practical Recruiting and Management Strategies You Can Start Implementing Today

    Successful recruitment and retention strategies aimed at Millennials offer significant benefits. Given the right tools and the opportunity, these younger workers are making tremendous contributions and helping their employers be better and do more.

  • Paperless Payroll: Going Green to Save Time and Cut Costs

    From the home office to the corporate boardroom, Canadian businesses are looking for ways to help the environment without hurting their bottom line. Increasingly, they are choosing paperless payroll as an easy, risk-free solution. Find out more.

  • Knowing When to Automate and Upgrade your Payroll Processing

    In recent years, leading vendors have developed payroll solutions designed to meet the varying needs for businesses of all sizes. Read our whitepaper to know when is the best time to automate and upgrade your payroll processing.

  • Ceridian Pulse of Talent

    Ceridian's inaugural issue of the Pulse of Talent Survey provides insights on 3 key measures: Perceived Job Security, Condence in Leadership and Career Satisfaction. Download this whitepaper to read about the findings.

  • Workforce Management Helps Manufacturers Drive Business Performance Through Scheduling Optimization

    From Strategy to Shop Floor: Manufacturers who are able to bring the entire scheduling process into alignment with lean initiatives and overall business goals will be able to produce more goods at a better quality for a lower cost per unit.

  • How Workforce Management Helps Retailers Drive Overall Performance, Including Cost-Effectiveness

    Retail Employees Are Not Machines: Workforce management solutions can make or break the profitability of a retail business. Workforce management providers must design their systems to deploy the workforce in a way that is intuitive and pragmatic, while enhancing a company’s ability to optimize sales and margins at the same time.

  • Best Practices in HR: Five Steps to Advance Your Midsize Company’s Talent Management Strategy

    Where do you begin as you attempt to make the grade in developing an effective talent management process based on best practices? Begin by focusing on the five core internal performance management components necessary to support your key business priorities.

  • Performance Management Solutions for the Mid-Market

    At companies in the midmarket segment, businesses with roughly 250 to 3,000 employees, performance management may seem like an unnecessary annual bureaucratic exercise. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Read our whitepaper to find out why.

  • Risky Business: Technology Risks (Part 2)

    Today's organizations are operating in a time of unprecedented crises precipitated by rapidly shifting demographics, breakneck technological changes and ever increasing regulations and legislation. This whitepaper focuses on external risks: challenges posted by changing technology.

  • Risky Business: Workplace Risks (Part 1)

    This new world of work means new opportunities, new products, new markets and new ideas. But it also means new risks—risks that can seriously impede or destroy an organization’s ability to function. Download this whitepaper to find out more.

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