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Gestion du capital humain

Solution de Ceridian mise en œuvre : Solution de gestion des heures et de l'assiduité Dayforce Time & Attendance

Challenge: At the heart of the company's brand are its store-level associates, the vast majority of which are teenagers newly eligible for the labor force. Julie Sedlock, group VP of Store Operations at Aéropostale, says that while happy, responsible teenage store associates are the company's brand representatives, the employment of thousands of them across multiple state and jurisdictions creates unique challenges for the company's labor scheduling efforts. States like California and Rhode Island, with their strict and complex laws governing the employment and scheduling of minors, require serious diligence on the part of employers. This is to say nothing of the myriad scheduling variables posed by minor employees themselves; key to Aéropostale's considerable effort to keep its employees happy is the accommodation of schedules around school hours, participation in sports and other extracurricular activities, proms, vacations, and so on.

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